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Walmart Celebrates Black Fathers as Superheroes in New Father’s Day Campaign

June 6, 2024

June 6, 2024

In a heartfelt tribute to dads, Walmart has launched a powerful Father’s Day campaign that celebrates Black Fathers as superheroes in collaboration with Black-owned agencies Contender and Martian Blueberry. This campaign is part of Walmart’s ongoing Black and Unlimited initiative, designed to celebrate and support the Black community through inspiring and impactful storytelling.

Cartoon thumbnail of black fathers as superhero for a video in a new father's day campaign by walmart that celebrates black fathers.

At the center of this campaign is an animated short film titled “Answering The Call.” Developed in partnership with Martian Blueberry, a renowned Black-owned animation studio, the film introduces “The League of Black and Unlimited Dads.” These modern-day superheroes take us on an adventurous journey through the highs and lows of fatherhood, showcasing their vital role in nurturing their children’s physical, mental, spiritual, and financial well-being.

Carl Jones, co-founder of Martian Blueberry and producer of acclaimed series like “The Boondocks” and “Young Love,” led the creative direction of this film. His vision brings a unique and authentic representation of Black fatherhood, highlighting everyday moments that truly make these dads superheroes.

This campaign seeks to shift the narrative in a culture where positive stories about Black fathers are often underrepresented. “According to the CDC, Black fathers were most likely to have been involved in activities with their children compared with white and Hispanic fathers.” Dee Charlemagne, Director of Cultural Strategy at Walmart, emphasizes, “In culture and the media, positive stories about Black fathers need to be told. Through animation, the film taps into those everyday moments when dads show up and shape the next generation’s lives – that is a superpower.”

Robert Clifton Jr., co-founder and chief creative officer of Contender, shares this vision. “As a Black father, I understand the significance of positive representation. We’ve created breakthrough content that will further expand Walmart’s Black and Unlimited platform while leveraging the brand’s reach to continue to shift the narrative around Black fatherhood.”

This year’s campaign builds on the foundation of Walmart’s 2023 Fatherhood Series, which used real stories to reshape perceptions of Black fathers in the media. “Answering The Call” continues this mission by spotlighting four dads, each showcasing their unique parenting “superpowers.”

In addition to the animated film, the campaign features influencer partnerships and a filmmaker contest. Influencers will share their personal parenting styles, adding depth and relatability. The contest invites filmmakers to create stories about Black dads, with winning short films premiering at the American Black Film Festival in Miami Beach.

“According to the CDC, Black fathers were most likely to have been involved in activities with their children compared with white and Hispanic fathers.”

  1. Embrace Your Superpower: Just like the dads in “Answering The Call,” every parent has a unique superpower. Whether it’s patience, humor, or wisdom, embrace what makes you special and use it to strengthen your bond with your children.
  2. Nurture Holistic Well-being: Focus on your child’s physical, mental, spiritual, and financial well-being. Encourage healthy habits, provide emotional support, teach them about financial literacy, and foster their spiritual growth.
  3. Positive Representation Matters: Surround your children with positive role models and stories that reflect their identity and potential. Representation in media and everyday life can profoundly impact their self-esteem and aspirations.
  4. Celebrate Everyday Moments: From the first haircut to special gifts on Father’s Day, cherish and celebrate the everyday moments. These small gestures create lasting memories and deepen your connection with your children.

Walmart’s campaign is more than just a celebration of Father’s Day; it’s a recognition of the profound impact Black fathers have on their children’s lives. By partnering with Contender and Martian Blueberry, Walmart is committed to showcasing the strength, love, and dedication of Black fathers.

The campaign launches June 6th and will run through Father’s Day, with content available on Walmart’s Black and Unlimited website. Join the celebration, watch “Answering The Call,” and be inspired by the superheroes among us.

Contender Labs, LLC is a Black-owned advertising agency that leverages the power of data and culture to help clients connect with and retain the multiculturally-led new mainstream.

Walmart’s Black & Unlimited initiative celebrates the diverse interests of today’s Black community, supporting creators, influencers, and changemakers with its scale and impact.

Martian Blueberry is a Black-owned animation studio co-founded by Carl Jones, known for its unique and authentic storytelling that resonates with multicultural audiences.

Let’s celebrate the superheroes in our lives and continue to uplift and empower Black fathers everywhere.

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