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If your child enjoys The Finger Family Song, we have a version for you that features a Black family. We know that representation matters and it matters from a very young age. That is why Ethnic Animations, a branch of Successful Black Parenting magazine, creates cartoons, nursery rhymes, and short stories for children of color. […]

There is nothing cuter than babies’ feet, well maybe baby shoes! There is a mystery surrounding purchasing just the right size shoe for a growing toddler. Walsh Brother Shoes produced this infographic to assist you with fitting your baby with the perfect pair of shoes.

If you leave your child in a hot car and your child dies, you’re a murderer. With all of the knowledge and reports on the Internet of tragic deaths from parents forgetting their children or leaving them for “just a few minutes” should be enough to scare any normal parent into being almost paranoid about […]

Asha Dornfest thinks that parents are the most prolific hackers around and we agree with her. She has practical parenting hacks in her new book Parent Hacks®: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life with Kids. Here are a few that will help you with your toddler.   If your kid does this —        Try Parent […]

Successful Black Parenting is a positive, uplifting publication that supports and advocates for Black parents internationally. We help you to build your children up, so that society can’t break them down.



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