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A 2016 study performed by declared that 74.5% of the roles on cable scripted programs were cast to white actors. Out of the 25.4% of the roles portrayed by people of color, only 13.3% of those roles were occupied by Black actors. According to an article published by Pediatric Institute Publications, children learn by […]

A study shows a culture fair test to measure storytelling skills in Black children should include items with and without visual cues The interesting and important research by Dr. Monique T. Mills suggests to parents of African American school-aged children that they have to 1) understand how their children are being tested in schools and 2) […]

If you’re not talking to your teens about sex, social media will. A new study published in the journal of Nursing Research shows that African American teens who use condoms or some sort of protection found the information on the Internet. This correlation makes online marketing a valuable space for advertisers to discuss sex with […]

by Marta Sánchez, Ph.D. Media and Tweens: How Is Your Child Being Affected? Images in the media can possibly affect your children’s behavior and grades and influence their future. It’s time for a serious talk right now. A 2010 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that social media, television, music, videos and cell phones […]

by Janice Celeste It’s always great to see literature in our own image and Marvel has a new preteen superhero named Lunella, who is also a super genius. Love it! Talking about seeing more women in science and technology fields, Lunella also known as “Moon Girl,” is just that. She is a spunky little budding […]

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