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Ideas To Make Your Kitchen More Child-Friendly 

June 7, 2024

June 7, 2024

Modern parents know well that spending a lot of time with their kids benefits their emotional well-being. And while kids should have separate rooms and be respected in terms of privacy, making shared spaces more welcoming and wider enough for everyone to fit in comfortably is essential. Let’s discover how to make your kitchen more child-friendly.

African american mother and child making sandwiches at the kitchen counter to make the kitchen more child-friendly

One of these places is the kitchen, besides the living room, where you’d only watch TV. The kitchen has the massive potential to become a gathering place because the act of cooking helps people get closer, as does sharing tasks for cleaning and setting the table

However, we don’t always have enough physical space, financial possibilities, or inspiration to enhance the kitchen’s features and make it a place where kids love spending their spare time. So, here are some ideas on how to transform the kitchen for your children. 

Open kitchens are best for inviting everyone in, and they work well in every type of home layout, even in smaller kitchens. For example, you can create a small island and a peninsula for extra space for cooking, preparing breakfast, or even dining with your family. If you prefer the more classic look, you look into the design of traditional kitchens and decide if any of them fits your taste. The Shaker is a favorite among homeowners, but the solid oak units can also endow your space with a feeling of timeless elegance. For a more seamless look, there are handleless cabinets made from solid-painted wood. 

Open spaces are great for kids around the age of five when their energy levels are peaking, and they’re constantly running or playing games. An open kitchen area is even more necessary when you’ve got two or more children. 

One dangerous thing about the kitchen is that kids can and will reach risky places because they want to explore their surroundings and copy you. Therefore, it might not come as a surprise when you see kids reaching for knives or heavy appliances, so to protect them, it’s best to develop separate areas where they can spend more time. 

Kitchen islands, for example, are great for designating the cooking zone, where they cannot get in, and the playing zone, on the other side of the island, where they can run, jump, or do other activities. Another great idea is to create an appliance garage where you can hide heavy or dangerous appliances for them but also make them easy to use. Closed storage is best for hiding things that can break or are sharp. 

Clean kitchens are safer for kids because clutter can become dangerous to their safety, while damp kitchens that are prone to mold will affect their health. We know how difficult it is to keep the kitchen spotless with a job, kids, and many other responsibilities. You can make things easy by choosing certain types of surfaces for the kitchen that are easy to clean. 

This time, ditch the aesthetics and consider having a low-maintenance kitchen. Non-porous materials such as quartz, porcelain, and glass are great for a backsplash. Kitchen cabinet doors are the most hygienic and durable, while large tiles are the ideal choice for easy cleaning. Finally, induction stovetops are safe for kids and easy to wipe. 

While kids can’t be tamed most of the time, some products will help you keep them quiet for at least a few minutes while you do the most intense part of the cooking. You could install a blackboard in the kitchen so they can draw and play silly, but sometimes, it’s a great tool for helping them with homework while cooking. 

On the other hand, if you’ve got the time and mental readiness, you could play certain games while in the kitchen. For example, the “Eat the Alphabet” challenge implies they find things around the kitchen that start with each letter of the alphabet. You could also invest in a recipe by allowing them to choose and mix the ingredients for a pie or something sweet, which will be both educational and fun. 

Whether they have a hard time opening faucets or countertop doors, touch-free technology is great for helping them be efficient around the kitchen. At the same time, fewer handles mean less cleaning, and since kids always have something on their hands as they like to explore, you’ll do yourself a favor. 

These technologies can be handless systems where you only need to touch them to function. There’s also the possibility of getting motion sensor lighting and touchless taps, so they can easily access kitchen functionalities even in the middle of the night. 

Kids who spend quality time with their parents are happier than isolated ones. That’s because they can strengthen their bond through making memories and sharing experiences and it gets them away from screens for a while. At the same time, kids and parents can improve their communication skills by talking with each other and figuring out what works best for each other in terms of expression and honesty. 

What’s more interesting is that children are less prone to developing symptoms of stress and anxiety when being with their parents, as they feel protected and safe, especially when the bond is stronger. Maintaining this state of content can be achieved by encouraging healthy habits, whether cooking together or exercising. 

In the end, doing your best regarding the relationship between you and your children will be more important if you focus on their mental health and well-being than providing them with luxurious homes and the latest technologies. As long as you’re next to them and can teach them essential life lessons, they’ll live as happy and healthy adults. 

Whether you’re a new parent or are planning to have a kid in the future, creating proper spaces for children is essential, especially in the kitchen, where you’ll spend the most time together. Consider designing it as an open space or making it easy to clean so you can focus on your bond while doing your adult chores. 

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