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Contributed Post: Planning the perfect birthday party for your child can really take its toll. The pressure to throw a memorable birthday can mean that you struggle to think of ideas and struggle with your budget too. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of helpful advice to help you throw a great kids’ birthday party thanks to these […]

It is not uncommon for parents of children with deadly allergies to feel uneasy during the back-to-school season, even if the parent does everything necessary to protect their child’s health and well-being in order to attend school. Planning and building relationships with the school staff, while creating groups of individuals that are knowledgeable and capable […]

A 2016 study performed by declared that 74.5% of the roles on cable scripted programs were cast to white actors. Out of the 25.4% of the roles portrayed by people of color, only 13.3% of those roles were occupied by Black actors. According to an article published by Pediatric Institute Publications, children learn by […]

Successful Black Parenting magazine Publisher and Founder, Janice Robinson-Celeste, interviewed the VP of Policy at the National Black Child Institute, Cemere James about the PreK-to-Prison Pipeline. The ACLU defines the prison pipeline as “the policies and practices that push our nation’s schoolchildren, especially our most at-risk children, out of classrooms and into the juvenile and […]

WHO IS MRS. BOOKBINDER? Well, preschoolers may not be talking about it, but they probably have overheard their teachers ask themselves, “What would Mrs. Bookbinder do?” Mrs. Bookbinder is a female figure with butterfly wings and antennae who squats to be eye-level with her students and helps them come up with solutions to challenges they […]

Reprinted with permission from Motivated Moms Blog. This is a sponsored campaign on the Motivated Moms Blog in collaboration with Licefreee and #WeAllGrow Latina Network, but all comments are the author’s own. I grew up believing that African Americans (Black people) didn’t get lice. For as long as I can remember, I was told that I […]

Successful Black Parenting is a positive, uplifting publication that supports and advocates for Black parents internationally. We help you to build your children up, so that society can’t break them down.



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