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Digital Landscapes In an era dominated by digital landscapes, understanding its impact on the mental health of youth, particularly Black children, is crucial. The rise in digital media use among young people has coincided with increased rates of anxiety and depression, posing unique challenges that require culturally informed solutions. A vital resource in this endeavor […]

African american girl on tablet for the digital landscapes for black youth.

Parents, teachers, and caregivers often face challenges when trying to help children with ADHD and similar behavior issues. Many see ADHD as a condition that lasts a lifetime, and some parents hesitate to get their child diagnosed because they worry about stigma. They might also wonder if the child’s actions are on purpose or if […]

Children with adhd are often restless

Discover the truth about Black parents and education. This podcast episode debunks myths and highlights the importance of Black teachers and community support.

Backtalk square 8 on successful black parenting magazine

Family travel can be an enriching experience, promoting stronger bonds and creating lifelong memories. However, the cost associated with family vacations can be significant, particularly when it comes to transportation.  Families usually require vehicles that not only accommodate more passengers but also offer enough space for luggage, provide comfort over long travel distances, and ensure […]

An illustration of an african american family with luggage and a dog about to do some family travel.

Discover easy beauty secrets for every generation to achieve radiant, healthy skin. From skincare routines to hydration tips, amplify your natural beauty.

Grandmother with adult daughter and granddaughter with generations of beauty

This week’s Horoscopes For Parents guides you through parenting challenges and successes. Connect with your zodiac’s unique advice today!

Taurus horoscopes for parents: "illustration of taurus bull surrounded by cozy home and family symbols, highlighting stability and comfort in parenting.
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