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5 Places To Find Homework Help

September 17, 2023

September 17, 2023

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s education, and helping with homework is an essential part of that involvement. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, a significant 83 percent of parents of Black students reported that they checked to ensure their children’s homework was completed. Additionally, more than 40 percent of parents of Black students reported providing homework help three or more times a week, as noted by the National Science Foundation.

In today’s digital age, parents have access to a wealth of free places to find homework help to assist their children, and one of the most versatile tools at their disposal is YouTube. This article explores five free homework-help sources for parents.

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Homework Help Resources for School-Age Children

02 black 01w8znbw on successful black parenting magazine PBS Kids and Educational Websites: Engaging and Fun Learning

PBS Kids and various other educational websites offer interactive and enjoyable content explicitly tailored for school-age children. These platforms cover multiple subjects and provide educational games, videos, and activities that make learning a fun and engaging experience.

Parents can explore these websites together with their children, incorporating them into their daily routines to create a supportive and enjoyable learning environment at home.

02 black 02m7u7bg on successful black parenting magazine Starfall: Phonics and Literacy Learning 

Starfall is a free public service that focuses on phonics and literacy learning. It provides interactive games, songs, and activities designed to improve reading and writing skills in young learners.

Parents can use Starfall to support their child’s literacy development, particularly for reading assignments and language arts homework.

02 black 03nkaysw on successful black parenting magazine ABCmouse: Comprehensive Early Learning Program

ABCmouse offers a comprehensive early learning program for children aged 2-8. It covers subjects like reading, math, science, and more through interactive lessons, games, and activities.

Parents of younger school-age children can use ABCmouse to reinforce foundational skills and introduce them to various academic topics.

02 black 04r5qyog on successful black parenting magazine Coolmath4Kids: Making Math Fun

Coolmath4Kids is an engaging website that turns math into an enjoyable experience. It offers math games, puzzles, and lessons designed to make mathematics fun and accessible for school-age children.

Parents can use Coolmath4Kids to help their children build strong math skills while having a great time.

02 black 05f4lvnq on successful black parenting magazine Reading Rockets: Literacy Support

Reading Rockets is a valuable resource for parents who want to support their child’s reading and literacy development. It offers strategies, activities, and booklists to improve reading comprehension and fluency.

Parents can access free resources and tips to assist their children with reading assignments and language arts homework.

“…83 percent of parents of Black students reported that they checked to ensure their children’s homework was completed.”

— National Center for Education Statistics

Homework Help Resources for High School Students

As students progress into high school, their homework assignments become more complex, requiring additional support. Here are five free resources specifically suited for high school students and their parents to navigate challenging assignments successfully.

01 outline 01i cndg on successful black parenting magazine YouTube: Comprehensive Educational Content

YouTube remains a versatile and valuable resource for high school students. It offers a vast library of educational channels and videos covering mathematics, science, history, and literature. For high school math problems, YouTube provides an array of instructional videos that break down complex concepts.

Parents can guide their high school students to reputable channels like Khan Academy for comprehensive tutorials. Khan Academy’s videos align with high school curriculum standards and provide detailed explanations.

01 outline 02kmzgbw on successful black parenting magazine Coursera for Campus: University-Level Learning

Coursera: High school students often encounter advanced or specialized topics in their coursework. Coursera for Campus offers free courses from universities and colleges, allowing students to explore subjects beyond their current curriculum.

Parents can encourage their high school students to enroll in courses that align with their interests or areas where they require additional support. These courses, often taught by professors from prestigious institutions, offer in-depth knowledge and insights.

01 outline 03rsjikq on successful black parenting magazine MIT OpenCourseWare: Access to University-Level Content

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides nearly all of its course content online for free through MIT OpenCourseWare. This resource is particularly beneficial for high school students seeking advanced or specialized science, engineering, and technology knowledge.

High school students and their parents can access lecture notes, assignments, and exams, enabling them to dive deep into challenging topics and gain a competitive edge in their studies.

“…more than 40 percent of parents of Black students reported providing homework help three or more times a week.”

— National Science Foundation

01 outline 04jwuo7q on successful black parenting magazine SparkNotes: Study Guides and Literature Resources

SparkNotes offers study guides, literary analyses, and resources for classic and contemporary literature commonly studied in high school. It provides valuable insights and summaries to support students with literature assignments and reading projects.

Parents can recommend SparkNotes as a supplementary resource to help their high school students excel in English and literature courses.

01 outline 053s2t5a on successful black parenting magazine Wolfram Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful computational knowledge engine that can assist high school students in mathematics, science, and more. It provides step-by-step solutions to math problems, generates plots and graphs, and explains various concepts.

Parents can encourage their high school students to use Wolfram Alpha to solve complex math problems and gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Parents can access various age-appropriate resources to assist their children with homework, whether they are school-age or high school students. By utilizing these tools and resources, parents can actively engage in their children’s education, ensuring their academic success and nurturing a lifelong love for learning. The statistics on our involvement in our children’s education emphasize the importance of parental support in homework completion and learning success.

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