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4 Essential Travel Tips for Grandparents Visiting Family

September 25, 2023

September 25, 2023

Visiting loved ones regularly is crucial for keeping essential family bonds and relationships healthy. Even though many people have concerns about flying, seniors have a few extra concerns you can easily take care of with some planning and organization. Here are some essential travel tips to help reduce stress and anxiety and make for a comfortable and fruitful trip for seniors.

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See a Doctor Before Traveling

You should always consult your doctor before traveling so they can give you a thorough checkup. Doing so is crucial if you have hypertension, coronary heart disease, other cardiovascular diseases, or any other chronic condition.

If you have diabetes, tell your doctor so they can help you set a timetable for when you take your medications if you are traveling to a different time zone. Doing so will prevent health emergencies when you should be spending time with your loved ones.

You should also get a checkup if you have recently experienced a heart attack or have had surgery. The doctor should clear you to travel depending on your condition. They may also suggest alternatives like cars or trains instead of flying. And be sure to wear a mask on carriers such as airplanes or trains to avoid getting ill while traveling.

Get Enough Legroom

Train travel, car rides, and long flight times mean you will be seated for a long time. One concern for many seniors is deep vein thrombosis, which can develop due to lack of movement. It is best to sit on the aisle so you can stand and move around regularly. You can also use the additional space to stretch to ensure muscle contractions that prevent this condition.

If you are traveling by car, stop every hour or two to step outside the vehicle, stretch, and walk around to get blood flowing to your extremities.

Arrange Non-emergency Transport

If you have a medical condition that might make traveling more challenging, arranging for a medical escort is best. If you can arrange it, a medical escort is a well-trained nurse who will accompany you on your travels, particularly as you fly, to care for all your medical needs.

They perform various roles, including ensuring you take your medication as prescribed and providing medical emergency services if required. A health-related travel escort can also reduce the anxiety often associated with traveling, coordinate any emergency needs, and ensure you have access to medical facilities at your destination if you need them.

Stay Hydrated

Because there is so much to do and remember, you might need to remember that flying at high altitudes increases the risk of dehydration, with the risk much higher in seniors. Take a bottle with you to sip from occasionally. Also, you can set reminders to drink or have a traveling companion remind you to drink water every hour or two.

Eating is equally important, so carry a few snacks with you. Refrain from relying on restaurants and airport stores because they may not have healthy options or be too expensive.

Traveling as a senior does not have to be a monumental challenge because you can get help with the details. It is best to talk to your doctor beforehand and consider the services of a medical travel escort who will ensure you are safely traveling to your destination as you see family and as you travel back home.

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