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Explore the evolution of home education into online schools, offering flexible, personalized education experiences. Join the education revolution today!

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Home Education Evolved: The Benefits of Online Schools

Discover 9 essential factors for choosing the right kindergarten. Build a foundation for lifelong learning. #Kindergarten #ChildDevelopment #ParentalInvolvement 📚✨

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8 Ways to Ensure you Choose the Right Kindergarten For Your Child

Discover essential insights into protecting children online amidst the risks posed by artificial intelligence. Learn about parental control, digital literacy, and navigating AI dangers to ensure child safety in the digital age.

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Protecting Children Online: Navigating the Dangers of AI

Find homework help for school-age children and high school students, with insights into African-American parental involvement.

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5 Places To Find Homework Help

Explore effective strategies for bridging the Black Achievement Gap in literacy to nurture reading for Black males. Parents play a pivotal role, creating a literacy-rich environment, being reading role models.

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Nurture Reading for Black Males: Bridging The Achievement Gap

You might be confused about screen time for young children. Is it bad or good for young children to be on electronic devices such as computers, tablets, or television? There is a lot of conflicting information in the media and some research about it.Our publisher, Janice Robinson-Celeste has been quite vocal about the benefits of […]

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Is Screen Time Bad or Good?

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