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It is flu-season and there is a new toddler board book out that helps teach young children how to blow their nose to help prevent catching viruses! If you have ever tried to teach a toddler how to blow his or her nose, you know as a parent that they will inhale, blow out of their mouths, spit, and do everything but blow their nose. Some children will even run away. So how does a parent keep their child from wiping their nose on their sleeves? You teach them with their imagination like early childhood expert, Janice Robinson-Celeste did in her newest book, Miles’ Stuffy Nose.

New Toddler Board Book Helps Keep Your Child Healthy During Flu Season

Combine African American history and the nostalgia of the Black family on Father’s Day by reading Papa Lemon’s books.

Papa Lemon’s Books – A Perfect Read For Father’s Day

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