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New Toddler Board Book Helps Keep Your Child Healthy During Flu Season

March 1, 2020

March 1, 2020

It is flu-season and there is a new toddler board book that teaches young children how to blow their nose to help prevent catching viruses! If you have ever tried to teach a toddler how to blow his or her nose, you know as a parent that they will inhale, blow out of their mouths, spit, and do everything but blow their nose. Some children will even run away. So how does a parent keep their child from wiping their nose on their sleeves? You teach them with their imagination like early childhood expert, Janice Robinson-Celeste did in her newest book, Miles’ Stuffy Nose.

“Toddlers struggle when mastering how to blow their nose and this board book helps them learn how to do it,” said Robinson-Celeste. In the book, Miles is a toddler who doesn’t know how to blow his nose. He seeks advice from his family members. One person says to blow like an elephant’s trunk, another tells him to pretend to be a dragon blowing fire through his nose, and yet another family member tells him to pretend to be a whale blowing through its blowhole. He continues to get advice while using his imagination to be all of the things his family suggests until finally, with the help of his big sister, he succeeds. The illustrations are classic and adorable. This book is sure to become a parents’-favorite.


Children will catch each others’ germs from wiping their nose on their hands and sleeves and then touching toys and other objects that their playmates will pick-up. This is the best way to spread germs and viruses, including the flu. Parents with children in preschool know this is one reason their children are always sick. Purchase Miles’ Stuffy Nose board book and teach your toddler how to blow their nose into a tissue!

Miles’ Stuffy Nose is written by Janice Robinson-Celeste, an early childhood specialist, a mom, parent educator, a former daycare owner, published author, owner of Ethnic Animations, and is the publisher of Successful Black Parenting magazine. This project was made possible via Kickstarter. A special thank you goes out to all of our wonderful backers, especially to Mr. Matthew A. Cherry, the producer of Hair Love, who helped make this book possible.

From inside of the book.

You can order your Miles’ Stuffy Nose board book from Amazon. If you don’t see Miles’ Stuffy Nose in your local library or bookstore, please ASK FOR IT! You’re helping out a small business and a Black author when you ask your library and bookstores to order their books.

You can view the animated short film of Miles’ Stuffy Nose on YouTube

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