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School Age

With summer in full swing and kids out of school, many parents are looking for ways to keep their children engaged and learning throughout the break. The summer slide, where students lose academic skills and knowledge, is a common concern. It’s crucial to have strategies in place to ensure that your kids maintain their learning […]

Two african american children reading during the summer to prevent summer slide

Discover how Montessori method and toys differ from traditional ones in promoting child development and independence through sensory-rich, hands-on learning experiences.

An african american toddler playing with montessori toys

Get ready to smile because orthodontics, also known as braces, aren’t what they used to be. If your child is at the age where they are ready for these dental appliances for a beautiful smile, here’s how you can help with this transition and make braces fun. “Studies have found that Black children are less […]

African american teenage girl brusher her teeth and has braces fun

Embrace the outdoors this summer! Discover the benefits of kids biking, ensuring safety, and fostering family fun while reducing screen time.

African american boys on motor bikes.

Eczema can be tough on kids. This guide explores the emotional & social challenges of eczema in children, offering tips for managing symptoms & supporting their well-being.

Baby with eczema on its back for article eczema in children

Your job as a parent is multifaceted but one of the main jobs of a parent is to raise your child to be capable of living without you — independence. This equips them with the confidence and skills they need to navigate the world on their own. Here are three key tips to foster independence […]

Mother and daughter smiling at each other while holding a basket of laundry, emphasizing teamwork and responsibility to foster independence in kids.
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