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School Age

He stood there asking if he could ride his bike to the middle school and back. He’s a smart kid, solidly build for an amateur soccer player, quiet, one of my favorite boys. He was mostly dependable for a teenager. The oldest and more responsible than we seem to give him credit.“Ma, just to the […]

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO TEACH A TODDLER HOW TO BLOW THEIR NOSE?I am working extremely hard to raise $3k to print Miles’ Stuffy Nose (a board book for toddlers) and will match every dollar raised. With Kickstarter, I have to meet our goal of $3k. If I raise $2,999, we get nothing, so I […]

One of the sweetest things a parent can do is to leave a love note in their child’s lunch box. This works with all ages, although you will have to be more discrete with school-age children and teens so they aren’t teased by their peers.If you pack a lunch for a preschooler, leave them pictures […]

When shopping for school supplies, today’s parents can’t simply hit up the dollar store for No. 2 pencils, three-ring binders, and other basics. Student must-haves now include everything from neon backpacks and coordinated pencil cases to pricey laptops and tablets.If it feels like retailers are hyping back-to-school shopping more than ever before, it’s because they […]

This article has been reprinted with permission from HerLifeSparkles.comYay, the kids are headed back-to-school. No more snacking uncontrollably, drinking all the juice or toys all over the house. Let’s pause the excitement for a bit and have a quick heart-to-heart. Y’all, nothing annoys me more than seeing parents carelessly share personal information at back-to-school time. […]

This is a nine-part series. The following information has been reprinted with permission from Dr. Carl James of York University. We will publish each grade level in reverse order, beginning with grade 12. Some information has been edited and truncated for an international appeal.Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten is the beginning of your child’s formal education. It […]

Successful Black Parenting is proud to announce that we are bringing our readers more researched-based content written by the members of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) RESilience Initiative, which provides resources to parents and caregivers for promoting the strength, health, and well-being of children and youth of color. We will also feature their members who have contributed articles to Successful Black Parenting on our BackTalk podcast. Learn more about the RESilience Initiative at