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Google Fitbit Ace LTE for Kids: A Fun Review from Marley’s Summer Adventures

July 8, 2024

July 8, 2024

When our spunky 10-year-old, Marley, received the Google Fitbit Ace LTE for kids, it was like unwrapping a treasure chest filled with endless possibilities. The oversized promotional box not only held the Fitbit Ace LTE watch but their public relations team also surprised her with a cool hat, a branded water bottle, and a pickleball set—talk about setting the stage for an epic summer!

Marley with her google fitbit ace lte for kids and gear.
Marley was the perfect kid for the Fitbit Ace LTE since she isn’t motivated to go to sports camp but loves screen time. This watch gives her the best of both worlds games with movement. Now she keeps moving to unlock the games.

The unboxing of the Google Fitbit Ace LTE was an unexpected blast of excitement for both Marley and me. Picture this: a giant, colorful box that opened up like a magician’s treasure chest, revealing multiple drawers packed with surprises. On top was the sleek Fitbit Ace itself, while the others were brimming with cool branded gear designed just for active kids and an additional band that opens up a whole new experience with the Fitbit. Marley and I were beyond thrilled—we even caught our unboxing excitement on video, showing just how much fun we had exploring each drawer’s treasures!

Marley and I were both super excited to unbox Google’s Fitbit Ace LTE.

Before the FitBit Ace LTE, getting Marley excited about summer activities was a challenge. With no summer camp in sight, motivating her to move was like coaxing a cat into a bath. But then entered the Fitbit Ace LTE, and suddenly, our mornings turned into fun-filled adventures. Now, instead of dragging her feet, Marley’s asking, “What time are we walking today?” She’s hooked on the interactive games that turn every step into progress, unlocking new challenges like “Kaiju Golf” and “Otal’s Secret.” Imagine having to walk to unlock the next level—genius, right?

From a caregiver’s perspective (aka the lucky grandparent in charge), the Fitbit Ace LTE is a game-changer. I can keep track of Marley’s whereabouts with real-time location updates and stay in touch via calls and messages, all while she explores and plays safely.

Marley’s favorite games on the Fitbit Ace LTE are as diverse as her interests. “Jelly Jam” gets her grooving with virtual dance parties, while “Polo 13 Space Race” turns arm-waving into a thrilling cosmic adventure. Then there’s “Smokey Lake,” a fishing game that not only entertains but also teaches her about environmental stewardship—she’s earning rewards for cleaning up the virtual lake!

Beyond gaming, the Fitbit Ace LTE introduces kids to managing points, teaching Marley the basics of budgeting as she customizes her virtual avatar (“Eeji”) with funky clothes and cool furniture. It’s like her own little digital world where creativity meets exercise, and she’s totally in charge.

In conclusion, the Google Fitbit Ace LTE has been a hit in our household, turning Marley’s summer into an action-packed journey of discovery and fitness. It’s more than just a gadget; it’s a motivator, a teacher, and a playmate rolled into one. We’re thrilled to share our positive experience with this complimentary product, knowing it’s making a real difference in encouraging active lifestyles for kids.

For more information about the Google Fitbit Ace LTE and its features, visit the Google Store.

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