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TinkyPoo Culturally Inclusive Diapers

January 28, 2022

January 28, 2022

Introducing TinkyPoo, the first highly absorbent and inclusive diaper company that believes “seeing yourself makes all the difference”. TinkyPoo’s diapers are made with plant-based materials that are organic and super-absorbent ensuring that they are healthy and effective for baby’s delicate skin.

Ranging from Newborn to Size 4, each diaper features bright, beautiful designs that bring the adorable images that reflect your baby’s world to life.

Presented in a fun purple and aqua box, TinkyPoo single pack diapers are available for $13.99 (quantity – get more bang for your “bum”! Size 1 = 34 count, size 2 = 32 count, size 3 = 30 count and size 4 = 28 count), or available in the following TinkyPoo Bundles

  • Sample Pack ($19.99) – One pack of TinkyPoo wipes and one pack of diapers.
  • Bundle 1 ($31.99) – One pack of TinkyPoo wipes and two packs of TinkyPoo diapers.
  • Bundle 2 ($57.99) – Two packs of TinkyPoo wipes and four packs of TinkyPoo diapers.
  • Bundle 3 ($82.99; or subscribe and save at $78.85) – three packs of TinkyPoo wipes and six packs of TinkyPoo diapers.
  • Bundle Wipes ($19.99) – four packs of TinkyPoo wipes.

Wife, mother, and product expert Nadiyah Spencer is the CEO & Founder of TinkyPoo, a baby brand with representation at the heart of its origin story.

As the first intentionally diverse diaper company with inclusive art showcasing babies who are Black, Brown, and Asian American and Pacific Islander, TinkyPoo’s mission is to create opportunities where children can see their own beauty reflected them and to experience diversity and inclusion as the standard while also providing high-quality diapers. Through the brand’s main characters, twin siblings Timmy and Penny, Nadiyah is able to bring this idea to life.

Nadiyah Spencer, founder of TinkyPoo diapers.

 You can find all of TinkyPoo’s products on their website.

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