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6 Kinds Of Toys That Are Safe For Kids Of All Ages

January 27, 2022

January 27, 2022

Toys are a child’s first learning tool. It triggers imagination and creativity and aids in overall physical and mental development. Giving children different toys can help shape their preferences and decision-making ability as they grow up.

There are a variety of toys that children of all ages love. Don’t pick toys solely based on the fun appeal. Safety should always be the top priority when choosing the best toys.

When you have children of varying ages, the toys for all of your children must be safe for the youngest child in your household.

Many toy packages state they are unsuitable for children under age three due to small parts that might present a choking hazard. Purchasing toys for young children of different ages can become tricky. Here are six types of toys that are safe for children of all ages.

 Plush Toys

Plushies are a timeless choice. They’re soft, fluffy, and huggable, making them the safest toy choice for children and toddlers. Soft toys vary in designs, shapes, and sizes. There is a perfect plush toy just waiting for every child, even for picky children.

When shopping for plush toys, take note of the materials used, especially the fabric. It should be washable for easy cleaning considering that children are adventurous at times and plush toys can get dirty. Also, check the overall durability by ensuring that parts that could become choking hazards don’t easily come off.

Moreover, the dye used for the plushies should be lead-free. Younger children habitually put objects in their mouths, calling for further inspection on materials involved in producing the toys.

To see a wide range of plush toy designs and sizes for all ages, check out and other online shops that offer child-friendly plushies.

 Giant Lego™ Blocks

Lego™ blocks help children develop their creativity in building different shapes and structures. However, regular-sized Lego blocks can be choking hazards, making them unsafe for toddlers and preschoolers.

As a safer yet fun alternative, go for giant Lego™ or Duplo™ blocks. Their larger sizes lessen the concern of choking and ingestion. These blocks are great for building structures like a pretend house or castle.

To further ensure your child’s safety, check if the materials used in manufacturing these Legos are nontoxic. It’s also best to play with them for a fun bonding activity.

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Play-Doh™ is a versatile toy that children of all ages enjoy. They come in vibrant colors and are a great tool to develop your child’s fine motor skills as they form different figures.

Play-Doh™ for children is nontoxic. Nevertheless, supervise your child’s play to avoid ingestion.

Like all other toys, always watch out for harmful dyes and chemicals. For guaranteed safety, you may create your own dough at home using ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Use gel food coloring and other natural dyes like turmeric and matcha powder to color the dough.

 Wooden Xylophone

Playing toys that produce sound is one of the ways to get a child inclined to music. It’s the best way to help them develop their musical talent as they grow up.

One of the simplest toys that children can safely play with is wooden xylophones. This percussion toy instrument is one of the easiest to learn. Children can create melodies by hitting the wooden keys with a light hammer.

As a safety tip, always ensure every part of the toy is firmly attached and all the edges are smooth to avoid hazards.

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 Finger Paints

It’s natural for children to express their imagination through drawing and painting. Giving them a finger painting set is a great way to support their passion for art.

Finger painting is a fun activity you can do with your child. Nontoxic and hypoallergenic finger paint is an ideal art medium for children of all ages and even for adults as stress-reliever. Finger painting also helps develop a child’s muscle control and hand and eye coordination.

When finger painting, a roll of recycled paper, taped to a wall, makes the perfect canvas. This option gives children the freedom to be express themselves through visual arts.

 Wooden Building Blocks

Building block sets are one of the best starter toys for toddlers. However, you can always find more complex sets that even older children can enjoy.

Wooden blocks work like Legos. They are stacked together to form a structure. Simple cubes are appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. On the other hand, wooden blocks with more varied shapes are perfect for children with more refined motor skills.

To avoid choking hazards for younger children, make sure the blocks are big enough and do not fit in the child’s mouth. It’s also vital to check for sharp edges and jagged parts.

Aside from your child’s entertainment, toys are tools that help them develop their skills and interests. As a parent, ensuring your child’s safety while they’re playing is a must. Therefore, you must always check the packaging to know if the toys you’re buying for your children are age-appropriate and safe.

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