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Revealed! The Most Common Types of Child Injuries

October 23, 2020

October 23, 2020


As loving parents, we’ll do anything to keep our children safe. Whether it’s teaching them about stranger-danger, speaking out if someone is behaving inappropriately around them, teaching them how to cross the road and how to stay safe around water and do on. Unfortunately, there are hazards everywhere, and despite our best efforts, we can’t keep our eyes on them all the time.

As a parent, we have to accept that bumps and bruises are part of our children’s lives. But when your child has been injured in an accident that could have been avoided, or in an event that shouldn’t have happened, all because of the actions of someone else, then things could become serious. You may want to speak to this personal injury lawyer in Sayville if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident.

Here we’ll explore the most common types of personal injury cases that involve children.

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Dangers In The Toy Box

When you treat your child to a new toy, the last thing you expect is for their life and health to be at risk. Sadly, accidents and injuries involving children and defective or damaged toys are incredibly common. There are several ways that a child could be injured by a toy: it can cause burns, cuts and lacerations, eye damage, expose the child to dangerous substances, pose as a choking or asphyxiation hazard or even lead to drowning.

Choosing toys that are age-appropriate and following the instructions is always the best option. As well as being vigilant in regards to toy and product recalls. If your child is injured by a toy, they’ll need medical attention first.


Their playschool or school setting should be considered a haven of learning and safety. Sadly there are numerous reports of children becoming injured and even dying in avoidable circumstances. Choking, asphyxiation on play equipment or blind chords, trips and falls, head injuries etc are just some of the potential nightmares parents could be facing.

After your child has sought medical attention it’s vital that parents gather as much evidence as possible – CCTV of the event if possible, photographs of where it took place, names of staff members who were supervising and all your medical receipts.


Playgrounds are public places for children to enjoy, it’s the responsibility of the parks and recreation department to ensure these spaces are safe for everyone. Sadly, defective play equipment, unclean and hazardous debris such as glass or blades, and even poorly maintained equipment including benches and jungle-gyms are often the cause behind playground accidents.

Again medical attention for your child should be your first priority, then gathering evidence that the playground and the lack of maintenance was the cause of the accident.

And Finally, Birth Injuries

Sometimes children are injured, and their lives are changed forever before they’ve even taken their first breath. It’s a nightmare scenario but for some families, it’s a tragic reality. Issues with medical care, a mishandled birth, improper use of medical tools, delayed action, poor care from maternity units and doctors can leave children will all kinds of injuries. From brain and neurological damage to hip and shoulder issues, or even spinal cord injuries.

Speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if you and your child are a victim of medical negligence.


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