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Best Tips for Keeping Your Baby Safe at Home

October 26, 2020

October 26, 2020



With the curiosity of a growing baby, it is a serious challenge to keep those little angels safe at home. It might seem that your home is the safest place on earth, but if you already raised your children before or have good friends with children, you know how many dangers there are at home.

Surely you need to be by your baby’s side and should not leave him or her alone for a long time, but it is simply impossible to guard your baby 24/7. Even though you love your newborn child, it is physically impossible to be staring at them all day and night long.

An easier and more smart way to deal with the dangers at home is to find the safest baby gates on Modernbabyadvice and baby-proof other home areas so that you could be less stressed and more relaxed while raising your baby.

Securing the Baby’s Room

The nursery is the place that your child will be spending most of his or her time; therefore, you should start securing your home with this room. If you have some hanging toys that seem to have pretty long strings, toss them out because any kind of strings can be pulled and cause danger for your baby.

Next, you should choose a safe changing table, or if you already bought one that leaves the opportunity for the baby to roll down the edge, try to secure it by yourself. Usually, a safe changing table should have a safety strap attached to it. Creating some borders on edge isn’t the best idea because it will not be comfortable for you to use, and the baby might hit the head on edge.

You should also carefully choose the crib for your baby. We recommend you to buy a new crib instead of buying a used one from other people. This is because, first of all, you will not know what has been done to that specific crib, maybe it has some defects or safety issues. And secondly, if you buy a new crib, you will be guaranteed that it will meet all the newest safety requirements.

Securing the Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where your baby should never be left alone. Babies are usually very curious about the water; either they are taking a bath or just find a bucket full of water. A bucket could become a great danger as well – babies can drown in a very small amount of water.

And one thing you should never do is to leave your baby even for the slightest second if he or she is taking a bath. You will never know what is going on in their heads – they might come up with jumping in the bath, accidentally slip while reaching for something.

Also, keep all kinds of beauty products and chemicals out of reach because curiosity might lead to drinking those products or spilling them in the bathtub. It is okay if a specialized baby shampoo gets spilled in the bath, but what if it happens to be some aggressive chemicals that are usually used to unclog the plumbing?

If you have some medication in your bathroom, a child-proof lid might not be enough. As you know, some adults sometimes do not manage to open those lids and vice versa. Therefore, it is best to keep medication in a locked cabinet. And if you have the toilet in your bathroom, make sure you put locks on the lid.

Securing the Kitchen

There might be many dangerous objects in the kitchen. To start with, you should secure the drawers and the cabinets that have things like scissors, knives, or any other sharp objects, also all kinds of chemicals.

Second, you should take care of sharp edges and cover them up so that the baby doesn’t bump its head. Of course, all kitchens are different, but there has to be at least one sharp edge on the furniture, and it is best to be safe and secure than to be sorry later.

More to it, if you are cooking something in the oven or on the stove, try to place the pots and pans closer to the wall than to the edge and always turn the handles around so that your child cannot spill anything hot on him or herself. If your baby is spending some time with the grandparents, you should warn them to do so as well.


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