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Hiring A Nanny In A Pandemic- Essential Safety Precautions For Parents

September 29, 2020

September 29, 2020

As workplaces reopen, getting back to work may be more challenging than ever for young parents. Even if you work from home, you may want a caregiver for the kids so that you can stay on top of your professional commitments. Childcare will be on top of your mind because you may not want to leave your child at a daycare center. Hiring a nanny is a better choice considering that social distancing wouldn’t be a concern when the child will be at home with a trusted caregiver. However, you need to be sure enough about avoiding unnecessary risk while having a nanny at home. Here are some essential safety precautions that every parent should take.

Have Clear Expectations

Even before you start looking for a nanny, having clear expectations is important. Consider your unique situation and requirements, depending on the age of the child, the hours of babysitting duties needed, and any special care that the kid needs. For example, children with disabilities require qualified and experienced caregivers who can look after their special needs. It makes sense to have all your needs and expectations listed down before you start searching.

Follow The Same Old Rules

While hiring a nanny in the new normal will require some extra care, you will have to stick to the same old rules. You cannot pay less attention to background screening and reference checks just because you are more concerned about virus safety right now. Experts at Capric Care recommend the use of analytics for personalized matchmaking so that you can find someone who is perfect rather than take a hit and trial approach. This approach ensures that the person’s values and personality make a good fit for your child.

Create A List Of Practices

Since virus safety matters more than anything else, parents must invest some time in creating a list of practices that the nanny has to follow at all times. More importantly, convey clearly that you expect them to follow these practices even when they are not attending to your child. For instance, you want to ensure that the person wears a mask when outside, washes hands often, and adheres to the social distancing guidelines. Also, set up a protocol they need to adhere to when they are at your home.

Trust Matters The Most

Pandemic or no pandemic, trust matters the most when it comes to leaving your child with a caregiver. Getting a professional from a credible agency will make you feel confident but go the extra mile to understand them and verify their behavior. After all, they would be responsible for the child when you are at work. Communicate clearly and often so that you know them better. Provide the cleaning supplies they would need to stay safe and sanitized at all times. Decide on a mask policy while they are at your place. Tell them that you expect disclosure of symptoms if they happen to fall sick.

This isn’t an easy time for parents, particularly if working from home is not an option. Finding a nanny you can trust may require some work but once you have her, you will be confident and comfortable.

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