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How To Avoid Fatigue As A New Parent

February 5, 2021

February 5, 2021

Tiredness is inevitable for all new parents. When you go from having no child to suddenly having a baby in your life, your entire schedule changes. Everything you used to do will be flipped upside down and your daily tasks multiply. As a result, it’s very easy for regular tiredness to compound into sever

How to avoid fatigue as a new parent

Is it possible for new parents to avoid fatigue? Yes, but only if you learn how to take care of yourself. Here are a handful of ideas to help you prevent fatigue with a newborn in the house:

Sleep while you can

Throw all notions of strict sleeping schedules out of the window when you have a baby. If you plan only to sleep at night, you will never sleep. Your baby could easily keep you awake, meaning you’ve gone a whole day without sleep, or you have to get up in the morning on three hours of total sleep. Instead, you need to learn to sleep when you can. A good rule of thumb is to sleep when the baby sleeps. If you have nothing to do, and your baby is asleep, sleep when they sleep. This way, you can sneak in some extra hours during the day, so any upcoming sleepless nights won’t affect you as much.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

As new parents, we can sometimes be stubborn. You might feel like you need to do everything on your own, almost as if it is a way of proving to yourself that you can be a great parent. Realistically, this often ends with you taking on too many tasks and making yourself sick with fatigue. Both parents can easily be guilty of this, but you might also see instances where one parent tries to take on everything. If you need support from your partner, ask them for help. Likewise, ask family members for help or think about hiring a nanny. Your friends and family will be very eager to help you in any way possible, even if it’s merely doing your grocery shopping. Even if it saves you an hour out of your day, meaning one less task to weigh down and tire you out, do it!

Consider natural supplements

Even with all of the above, you might still feel extremely tired and run down. It’s a natural reaction to suddenly having so much to do. In which case, ask your doctor about taking natural supplements to make you feel less fatigued. Vitamin B12 and iron are both good for energy, as is vitamin D for clear think. There’s also something called NAD that you can get as an IV drip, which basically helps with cellular functions. In short, it can make you feel more energized. If you still feel tired after the previous two tips, these sorts of natural supplements could be just what you need to get a boost. Avoid things like caffeine and excessive sugar as they can cause your body to crash and make fatigue even worse.

Fatigue can come on quickly as a new parent, but there are ways to combat it. Try any of these ideas to help you feel less tired and more energetic with your newborn in the house and let us know what worked for you?

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