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The Talk: Discussing The Ugly Truth About Racism in America

June 27, 2020

June 27, 2020

The Talk

The recent killings of Amaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have left most of us with feelings of anger, sadness, and fear for our Black children and family members as they journey into adulthood. How do we tell our children the ugly truth about racism, discrimination, and inequality in the world around us? We composed a panel of proactive Black parents to explore approaches and to provide resources for protecting our children. We had a virtual discussion about how parents are tackling this difficult conversations and the community at-large chimed-in! We had more than 1.5k people watching and more than 50 parents interacting and asking questions live.

We asked hard questions, we affirmed each others’ fears, and we came up with solutions to shield and to protect our children. We even provided a Talk tool kit for parents to download. You can get it here.

Watch the live stream below

Black parents chime in on how they feel about talking to their children about race and police brutality.

July 2020

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