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Field Trips With Kids That Make Social Distancing Easy

June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020

Where To Go & Feel Safe

  • Strawberry picking or other fruit or vegetable picking where you can easily stay far apart from other families.
  • Outdoor zoos with limitations
  • Camping together
  • Outdoor farmers markets
  • Museums offering appointments
  • Places with VIP tours like Universal Studios
  • Farms with appointment times
  • Air BNB homes with a pool and/or at a beach
  • Family hiking
  • Aquariums, many by appointment only
  • Cabin in the woods
  • The beach
  • Rent an RV and stay at a National Park (check to see which ones are open for public respite in your area)

What field trips with kids can parents do that are fun and safe for their children while maintaining social distancing?


Delta Children Jeep Wrangler Wagon Stroller ($299.99)

  • 3-Ways to Ride: Stroller, Wagon or Car-modes
  • Includes two 5-point safety harness seats for older children
  • Compact fold allows you to fit in trucks or tight closet spaces
  • Back wheel suspension for the smoothest ride
  • UV blocking canopy and pull down shades to block light and protect from the sun
  • Features outside pockets, cup holder and diaper organizer

This wagon was perfect for activities like visiting the farm or picking strawberries, which we did above. Even though the strawberry farm had their own wagons, we felt better knowing the cleanliness of our wagon was COVID-free. Whether we were visiting the zoo or going to a farm, our children stayed in the wagon as we toured which kept them away from other children who were too young to understand social distancing rules.

The Jeep wagon folds up nicely and fits easily in the back of our mini-van. The storage pockets in the wagon itself is plentiful. The cup holders and canopy with the side-shades are a very nice touch and come in handy on sunny days or when it’s just starting to rain and you have to make a mad-dash to the car. The wagon feels rugged and is tough like a Jeep so the children can’t damage it and cleanups are easy — just use a damp cloth. The children love riding in it and will ask for it. We also notice other parents admiring the wagon and checking it out!

What to Know Before You Go

  • Operating hours may have changed
  • Appointment necessary. You may have to reserve tickets online prior to visit
  • Masks required (ages 3+)
  • Employees are in masks. Prep your children as they might be afraid of employees
  • Pay with touchless credit
  • Your temperature taken
  • One-way directional paths
  • Keep a six-foot distance
  • Social distancing signs and cues
  • Don’t allow children to touch glass or railings due to germs
  • Some exhibits may be closed or limited
  • Most food service at zoos, etc. are often not open
  • Avoid groups starting to congregate in one area

Keeping our children safe during this pandemic is first and foremost on a parents’ mind yet our children will go stir-crazy if they are confined in the house during this first wave, especially as we approach an even longer precautionary period, and as we enter the second wave of the virus. Explore some of these fun things to do with your children and stay healthy while doing them.

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