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Parenting To The Best Of Our Abilities Despite Our Surroundings

May 19, 2020

May 19, 2020

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There are so many different aspects of parenting that are mentally tiring that it can feel like you are on a knife’s edge. When you are looking after your kids, you might feel that you are falling apart and there is nothing that you can do about it. Then when it rains, it pours. It seems that when you’re falling apart, the dryer breaks, the dishwasher leaks, like clockwork things keep breaking in your home. Being powerless when you are looking after your children and struggling to stay on top of your finances with a house that is falling apart can feel that you are slowly losing track of your sanity. But with this in mind, what are the best things we can all do to make sure we parent to the best of our abilities despite what is going on around us?

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The Art Of Maintenance (Emotionally And Practically)

This works in a practical sense but also in a personal one. When you look at yourself in a psychological view and start to maintain the healthy aspects of yourself through exercise or a better diet, this will make you feel better. When you look at it from the practical perspective of maintaining your home and maintaining specific appliances, it will help you to minimize damage but also save a lot of money. You could try these dryer parts if there are problems with your washing machine and dryer. When we start to incorporate and maintenance mindset in terms of our daily lives, whether it’s in relation to the house or our emotions, we are able to preserve the best aspects.

The Importance Of Admitting Faults

When we try to paper over the cracks, either in terms of our home or our emotions, we are admitting that there is nothing wrong. But like anybody that is trying to be strong for too long, it’s important to admit that you need help. And once we realize that we need some form of assistance and have been trying to do it by ourselves for too long, we can then experience emotional freedom. When fixing your home becomes expensive ask yourself if there are relatives that can help? Similarly, when you are exhausted as a parent you need extra help, whether it’s having the grandparents look after the children for a couple of hours a week or just admitting that you need a break. Reaching out to others will help you work out your emotions, rather than work against them.

The Importance Of Not Sweating The Small Stuff

Things break. But if there’s a broken appliance at home, find out if it is still under warranty? When you start to worry about the small things in life, this can slowly spill into other aspects of your life. We need to not sweat the small stuff, but rather think about the bigger things that are important. When we feel there are parts of our lives that are broken, especially when it comes to the practical aspects of life or keeping our emotions in check, we may start to place bigger importance on smaller things that aren’t necessary. Try not to sweat the small stuff and you might feel much better.

Contributed Post

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