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New Black Parenting Books For 2020

May 17, 2020

May 17, 2020

This year may not have started out as well as we all hoped for and we may be limited in what we can or cannot do. While you’re stuck indoors for most of 2020, this is your chance to catch up on some reading and Successful Black Parenting has the newest parenting book releases for us by us. You can find all of the books below in our Black Family Bookstore.

 Fatherless Fathering: A Practical Guide for Men and Women Who Lacked the Benefit of Being Properly Raised by a Father

by Jay Cameron

Men and women who grew up in a vicious cycle of broken family dynamics may despair that they can become the father or mother their children need.

Jay Cameron burdened by questions of how he could be a good father himself, he began to seek a better life. It’s not enough just to want better or try harder for your kids, who need more than your monetary support or enrollment in a good school. 

Parenting for Liberation: A Guide for Raising Black Children

by Trina Greene Brown

Pairing personal stories from her successful podcast series with open-ended prompts designed to inspire reflection and creativity, the book provides guidance for those seeking to dismantle harmful narratives about the Black family, initiate difficult conversations on social issues with their children, and find community with other parents who share their struggle.

Available for pre-orders.

 We Live for the We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood

by Dani McClain

In We Live for the We, first-time mother Dani McClain sets out to understand how to raise her daughter in what she, as a black woman, knows to be an unjust–even hostile–society.

Black women are more likely to die during pregnancy or birth than any other race; black mothers must stand before television cameras telling the world that their slain children were human beings. What, then, is the best way to keep fear at bay and raise a child so she lives with dignity and joy?

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