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Discover essential strategies for parents supporting Black children in a post-pandemic society. From fostering open dialogues to creating quieter spaces, explore five impactful ways to address social and emotional needs.

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Empowering Black Children Post-Pandemic: 5 Crucial Strategies for Parents

In the present day and age, there is no denying that we live life at a fast pace, and because of this accidents are an inevitability. However, if your child has had the misfortune of sustaining an injury and the incident was not caused by your error, then you should not simply accept what has […]

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Hiring An Attorney If Your Child Has Been Hurt

Your children are paying attention. Our children’s worlds have been changed forever and a scar is being formed on their psyche that will resonate throughout their entire life. Depending on your children’s ages, they know something scary is happening and we as their parents have to acknowledge their feelings. It’s heartbreaking. Parents want their children […]

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Talking Tips For Black Parents Discussing The Riots

Encourage your opinionated Black kids to become prosecutors, public defenders, and judges…they already have the mindset for it.

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Opinionated Black Teens Should Become Judges

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