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YOUnicorn Kidz celebrates diversity with its inclusive toy line featuring Black mermaids, Black Unicorn mermaids, and HBCU Doll Collection. Explore imaginative play for all children!

Black unicorn on successful black parenting magazine

Black Unicorns: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in Toys

Unlock your child’s potential with soccer camps: fostering fitness, growth, and diverse connections. Explore now!

Summer camp on successful black parenting magazine

Score Big This Summer: Why Your Child Needs a Soccer Camp Experience

Learn to gently parent from TikTok for African American parents, promoting emotional intelligence, respect, and secure life long bonds with your children.

Pexels greta hoffman 9705822 on successful black parenting magazine

Black Parents Who Gently Parent

“Repeat after me,” Yazmin’s father said as he dropped her off at preschool.“You are Black and beautiful, you are smart, you are kind, you are important, and you can do anything” Yazmin, in her tiny yet confident voice, yelled from her car seat, “I am Black and beautiful, I am smart, I am kind, I […]

Affirmations for the black family

Building Strong Racial Identities In Black Children

Parents must understand the warning signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression and anxiety in their adolescence. This article will help you.

African american adolescent girl in fetal position on her bed depressed for an article for successful black parenting magazine.

Anxiety and Depression in Adolescence: Everything You Need to Know

  Helping your child to develop confidence will help them to stand up for themselves and take pride in who they are. The road to developing this confidence can be difficult for teenagers especially. This is why you should do whatever you can as a parent to help your child develop self-esteem. This is not […]

Teaching your child self confidence on successful black parenting magazine

Teaching Your Child Self Confidence

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