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Senator Ted Cruz tried to connect Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to an anti-racist baby book. Here are more woke baby books for parents.

Ted Cruz and Anti Racist Baby

Don’t Sleep on ‘Woke’ Baby Books, Kids Do See Color

If you don’t give your child a verbal defense they can use in a surprise oppressive attack they will eventually become oppressed and depressed. Don’t let racist children catch your child off guard. Too often, seeking out a responsible adult to intervene in a verbal attack is not an option for Black children. It is […]

Clapbacks For Children Experiencing Racism

Many schools’ handbooks feature anti-Black hairstyles and other racially coded wording that mostly affect Black children.

Back-To-School: Is Your School’s Dress Code Racist?

This viral animation video about what white people think about Black natural hair has almost one million views on our YouTube channel.

13 Crazy Things White People Think About Black Natural Hair At Work And School

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