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Clapbacks For Children Experiencing Racism

September 30, 2018

September 30, 2018

If you don’t give your child a verbal defense they can use in a surprise oppressive attack they will eventually become oppressed and depressed. Don’t let racist children catch your child off guard.

Too often, seeking out a responsible adult to intervene in a verbal attack is not an option for Black children. It is best practice to ignore ignorant people but there will be times that they can not just ignore it.

“…giving your children a really strong foundation with constant teaching about their culture and history, empowers them for life against any false narratives about their heritage and community.”

Providing clapbacks is meant to be an empowerment tool to practice so your child is not affected by a racist’s attack on their character. This is also a good time to mention that giving your children a really strong foundation with constant teaching about their culture and history, empowers them for life against any false narratives about their heritage and community. I highly recommend enrolling your children in martial arts classes too. In this climate, our children don’t need to know how to fight but when, and most of all how to protect themselves.

It is also not our responsibility as Black people to teach tolerance to racists, so we did not take that approach. Warning: These clapbacks took the high road but are unapologetic. We could have easily gone extremely low, but our children are vulnerable and we don’t want to subject them to any potential violence. Our forever First Lady, Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” So let’s fly.

Unfortunately, some children are not taught that beauty comes in many packages. Teach your child to be secure in their beautiful skin.
All hair types are beautiful but Black hair has been the most creative in history due to the versatility of our hair. Be proud of that! There is power in our hair that makes some weak people insecure.
It is not required to explain to people that we don’t need to wash our hair every day because we don’t get oily build-ups like they do and that we need more oil in our hair not less.
This clapback is all you need for most racist comments.
Teach your children about African royalty and don’t let supremacist teach you that all African people live in a jungle uncultured. We created culture.
No need to be nice at this point. But addressing the parents here, might be an option.
True story.
Monkey is as a monkey does.
The original definition for the word, “nigger” was an ignorant person. It still means that even though the word was adopted by white supremacists for malice. This word can not hurt you, as long as you take its power away.
Being better than someone else is the foundation of white supremacy. It is pitiful that a group of people believe that they must oppress others to feel better about themselves.

Umbrella-type Clapbacks

Racists are the epitome of bullies.
This is the same as the above clapback but with more bite.
Adapted from the amazing daughter of @DMendoza2032 on Twitter.

Remind your child to immediately report any threats of violence to you and to any nearby adult who will listen. Threats such as nooses, hanging, fighting or murder must be reported immediately to law enforcement. Get a copy of the report and file a restraining order, if necessary. Don’t be quiet about these criminal incidents, record them and speak up so that it doesn’t happen to others.

In the comments below, let us know what you think of these clapbacks and what empowerment tools you give to your children?

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