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Children are not born with racist beliefs or attitudes. Teaching children about racism helps develop empathy, understanding, and diversity.

Successful Black Parenting

Teaching Children About Racism: Why It Matters and How to Do It

It’s Black History Month. Let’s highlight the significance of building a healthy racial identity in children and youth.

Successful Black Parenting

Building Positive Racial Identity for Children and Youth: Empowering a Just Future

School is back in session, and parents have been weary or excited to get their children into the classroom. This is a time when we shop for new clothing for our young children, and as parents, we want to make sure they are comfy. Being comfortable in their clothing is just one way to help your […]

How to Make Sure Your Child Is Comfortable Wherever They Go


Senator Ted Cruz tried to connect Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to an anti-racist baby book. Here are more woke baby books for parents.

Ted Cruz and Anti Racist Baby

Don’t Sleep on ‘Woke’ Baby Books, Kids Do See Color

According to child psychologists, most children develop self-esteem by age five. As a parent or caregiver, I’m sure you know how critical it is to help your children create a positive self-image.However, it takes even more effort and a village to help Black and brown children build self-esteem when they constantly see themselves through negative […]

4 Ways to Help Your Black Child Build a Positive Self-Image

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