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It is difficult to determine an autism diagnosis for Black boys, but Black girls often slip through the cracks and don’t get treatment until they are older. And by then it can be too late.

Are Black Girls Overlooked For Autism Diagnoses?

The joke that sparked a violent reaction from actor Will Smith at the Oscars centered on his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss. A dermatologist explains the causes and treatment for alopecia.

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What Is Alopecia? It’s No Laughing Matter For Millions Of Black American Women

All parents naturally put their children first. Unfortunately, many allow this change of mindset to stand in the way of self care. However, there should be no guilt felt about making time for yourself.In short, parenting defines you as a person but shouldn’t put an end to your individual goals. After all, a healthy and […]

Parenting 101: Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Parenting during a pandemic can be challenging due to the fact that schools can’t do their part in contributing to children’s overall development. What matters the most during such a time is to help your children transition into a lifestyle that helps them stay productive while using the time they have efficiently. If they’re finding […]

Parenting Hacks: How To Help Your Teenagers Become More Productive?

Raising teenagers is tough because you have to walk a fine line between looking after them and giving them their independence. It’s a time of change for them and they are learning to explore the world on their own, which means that they don’t always want your input. In some cases, it’s important for teenagers to do things on their own and learn from their mistakes.However, […]

Major Health Risks That Teenagers Face In The Modern World

The pandemic brought the issue of mental health to the fore of societal discourse. Mental health was a major source of concern during the lockdown months. But even in the middle of all that, a key segment of the population was ignored, Blacks and other minorities.The bulk of mental health coping strategies and techniques that […]

Ways Parents Can Help Protect and Improve Black Children’s Mental Health

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