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Parenting Hacks: How To Help Your Teenagers Become More Productive?

January 13, 2022

January 13, 2022

Parenting during a pandemic can be challenging due to the fact that schools can’t do their part in contributing to children’s overall development. What matters the most during such a time is to help your children transition into a lifestyle that helps them stay productive while using the time they have efficiently. If they’re finding it difficult to strike a balance between their physical fitness, mental health, and academics, maybe they need some extra guidance from you. Today, this blog will help you with easy ways you can support your kids gain their footing in the new normal and being productive.

  1. Help them set their goals: Goal-setting and resolutions are two things that children and teenagers take very seriously, at least for the first few weeks of the new year. However, these goals are often far-fetched and grand, which is why the movement loses steam quickly. It would be a very healthy practice to teach your child how to set realistic goals for the day, week, month, and year. Distributing these areas of focus as per the immediate priority, they will be able to follow a structured approach and build the resilience to have a healthy routine.
  2. Focus on their health: As children turn into adolescents, their bodies and minds change as well. The transition to a space between childhood and adulthood is full of growth hormones, height spurts, or, in the case of girls, menstruation. Help them have healthy hygiene for their physical and emotional well-being; these include eating nutrient-rich foods, supplements, exercise, and getting enough rest. In the case of menstruation, conditions like PCOS may show early symptoms, which depend from person to person. If your child experiences symptoms like constant fatigue, brain fog, sudden weight gain, mood swings, or painful periods, it’s worth getting checked out by a healthcare professional.
  3. Teach them time management: An invaluable asset of life as adults is time management, which many of us are learning to master still. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone would have explained to us as kids why time management is so crucial and how to go about it without nagging? Change the narrative and help your kids understand the value of time and how to use it wisely by giving practical examples.
  4. Personal time: We all discount this step, but forming a deep relationship with yourself is the most important aspect of being self-assured as children and adults. Most children are in isolation due to health and safety reasons today, so it is essential to teach them to love their own company. Help them establish, “me time,” with meditation, journaling, reading their favorite genre of books, or even playing games. These are all healthy practices that will boost their creative side and lead to better productivity.

Wrapping Up:

It can be perplexing to understand the world of the Generation-C, or Covid generation, who are more isolated from the experiences we once had in academics. However, they are also more adaptive than we were. Follow the tips above and see the difference in their overall productivity.

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