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If this year you are helping Santa Claus to pick some presents for the kids, this article might help you. Always remember that unique Christmas gift ideas are more than just things. They might form skills, create new hobbies, or even affect kids’ futures. So, if you know children who are into technology, there are […]

An illustration that reads it's coding time with an african american girl for an article on unique christmas gifts.

5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids Who Like Technology

Kindergartners Code #1. Root is a robot designed to teach children how to code. Coding involves using languages like Java, JavaScript, RubyRails, SQL and Phython, to tell a computer what to do in response to a series of letters, numbers, and other symbols. Coding is related to programming. Programming is designing the logics and coding is […]

Girl on computer on successful black parenting magazine

9 Ways For Busy Parents To Make Coding Fun For Young Children

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