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5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids Who Like Technology

November 29, 2020

November 29, 2020

If this year you are helping Santa Claus to pick some presents for the kids, this article might help you. Always remember that unique Christmas gift ideas are more than just things. They might form skills, create new hobbies, or even affect kids’ futures. So, if you know children who are into technology, there are a few ways how to surprise them.

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#1 Idea: Coding Lessons

The first idea is not even a physical thing. There are various coding schools for different knowledge levels. If your kids get those lessons as a present, it will entertain them not only on a Christmas morning but for a much longer period.

Even though you or your kids are not sure yet if coding is the career path they want to go in, coding lessons can be valuable anyway. Derek Newton, in his Forbes article, states that “Problem-solving, creative thinking, logic, and sequencing are skills that coding enthusiasts often mention in conversations about coding and kids.”

#2 Idea: Board Game For Logic

If kids aren’t ready for coding school, the gift itself doesn’t have to be technological. If you want to encourage kids to try out coding, you can try to do that with a table game. Some games require a similar logical approach as coding. If you can show your kids that solving logical problems can be fun, you can inspire them to code this way.

There are many different logical code-related board games. You can pick one according to your kids’ age or level of knowledge. Some games, like Code Master Programming Logic Game, are even suitable for a single player, so your kids could be improving on their own. The game has 10 maps with 60 levels and is suitable for both kids and adults of all ages.

#3 Idea: Personal Website

Kids are incredibly bright and clever. They are capable of learning on their own. You just need to provide tools for them. Such a tool could be a personal website. All you need to do is buy a web hosting plan and let your kids create and maintain a website.

Arnas Stuopelis, Chairman of the Board of web hosting provider Hostinger, says: “Creating a website is both a fun and enriching activity for a kid. Children can take up new skills easily. Creating a website seems like a game for them. But one day, it might turn into a career path.” Since the website is public, kids feel accountable to work on them, because everyone can see it. It leads to continuous activity and improvement.

#4 Idea: DIY Toys

Sometimes learning doesn’t even feel like learning when kids do it while playing. A good example is LEGO constructors, which can be programmed. Lego lets kids learn the basics of engineering: bracing, tension and compression, loading constraints, and building to scale.

Ralph Hempel, the author of the Lego Spybiotics Secret Agent Training Manual, says that those toys make tinkering with machines cool again.

#5 Idea: Quality Gear

If your kids are already into coding, you just need to encourage them a little bit more. Just give them suitable quality gear to pursue their activity. If your kids have to code with a slow and lagging computer, they might switch the screen to social media instead of continuing their work.

TechRadar brings attention to those qualities and computer characteristics when choosing tools for coding:

  • Quality processors. Focus on getting the fastest processor you can afford.
  • The memory. You need at least 8GB, and it needs to be fast.
  • The storage. A good SSD is essential, as it will shave minutes off the project with all the files and apps your kids will use.
  • A comfortable keyboard. As programming involves a lot of typing, a keyboard with excellent travel and superior comfort is a must.
  • A high-resolution display will help make sure that it’s easy on the eyes.

Despite the age of your kids, you can pick them a gift that could lead them to valuable skills. You can start with a board game that boosts logic. If you want your gift to be a long-term experience, coding lessons are a great way to give exactly that.

If you know that your children are intelligent on their own, give them a personal website to work on. The DIY toys are a great idea if you want your kids to learn without even noticing it. And if your kids are already into coding, simply give them the best tools that would improve their performance.

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