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Dr. Scott, a renowned dermatologist and mother, discusses childhood eczema, especially among children with Black skin, and the challenges parents face in identifying and treating this condition.

Unlocking the Secrets of Childhood Eczema: Insights from Dr. Scott

Explore effective strategies for bridging the Black Achievement Gap in literacy among African American male students. Parents play a pivotal role, creating a literacy-rich environment, being reading role models.

Nurture Reading for Black Males: Bridging The Achievement Gap

Discover the pressing concern of missing Black children and child safety solutions in the United States and beyond.

Still Missing: Where Are Our Children?

Learn how to keep your child learning for life through early interactions, mindful screen time, and practical skill-building, ensuring a well-rounded path to adulthood.

How to Keep Your Kid Learning Through Life

Explore gentle parenting on TikTok for African American parents, promoting emotional intelligence, respect, and secure attachments.

Black Parents Who Gently Parent

Growing up with a dog can benefit children, including improving their immune system, social skills, behavior, and more.

Successful Black Parenting magazine

STUDY: Why Kids Benefit From Having a Dog

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