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In a compelling and timely episode of Successful Black Parenting’s BACKtalk podcast, the host, Janice Robinson-Celeste delves into the troubling issue of unemployment among Black families in the United States with special guest, David Lee. Why can’t Black families find jobs: you will be surprised. The BACKtalk podcast, live-streamed to a large audience, features experts […]

Backtalk live stream and podcast with special guest, david lee and host, janice robinson-celeste discuss the lack of jobs in the black community.

Why 1.4 Million Black Families Can’t Find Jobs: Insights from the Successful Black Parenting Livestream Podcast

Introducing TinkyPoo, the first highly absorbent and inclusive diaper company that believes “seeing yourself makes all the difference”. TinkyPoo’s diapers are made with plant-based materials that are organic and super-absorbent ensuring that they are healthy and effective for baby’s delicate skin. Ranging from Newborn to Size 4, each diaper features bright, beautiful designs that bring […]

Unnamed 2 on successful black parenting magazine

TinkyPoo Culturally Inclusive Diapers

Black and Brown children live in a world where they rarely see images that look like them, now a mom has launched a line of wall decals to change that.Inspired by her young daughter, Pastor, mom, and founder of Tiny Tots and Tikes, Cynthia Jackson created a line of decals that reflect positive and creative […]

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Black Child Empowerment Wall Decals

We found the cutest underwear that represents by featuring Black children on the packaging and on the underwear itself.

Successful black parenting

Underwear That Represents For Black Kids

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