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African american mom kissing her young daughter on the forehead.

Do Black children need sunscreen? Yes, they do. This point came to light after Black children in daycare were denied sunscreen.

Do black children need sunscreen

I’m a Florida resident, my family likes to visit me in Florida and take day trips to Orlando to go to Disney World. It seems like a great way to visit Disney and to save some money at the same time but it really isn’t. I live about an hour and forty minutes away from […]

Successful black parenting

8 Ways Black Parents Can Encourage French Language Learning with Their ChildrenYay, you’ve dived into learning French! Maybe you have used some of the language learning strategies mentioned in the first article, Black Kids Learn French 101, and you want more ideas to get your children excited about learning French.Does your family love to cook? […]

Successful black parenting

5 Ways Black Parents Can Encourage French Language Learning with Their ChildrenSay oh là là to learning French! March 20th is French Language Day. Your children can have fun and your family can be enriched by the experience of learning French. According to the Federation of Alliances Françaises USA, there are more than 200 million […]

March french 02 on successful black parenting magazine

Depending on where you live, the summer months can be brutal. Heat and humidity collude to dehydrate the human body, potentially posing a health risk. You may not even know that you’re dehydrated, but you can check for tell-tale signs here. For pregnant women, staying hydrated could be trickier than it is for others. Hormonal […]

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