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Jurassic Quest Tour

March 12, 2018

March 12, 2018

If your child loves dinosaurs like we do then you may want to find the Jurassic Quest tour in your area. We visited the attraction in Atlanta and purchased the VIP ticket which gives your child a wristband to get unlimited dino rides and a handy drawstring backpack. Some VIP activities include digging for fossils, bungee pull, and fun hoping inside of dino bounce houses.

Ages 9 and below

The Quest has the traditional robotic dinosaurs on one side of the exhibit and if you time it right, a tour guide will tell you all about the dinosaurs on display there. One of the largest attractions was the dinosaur babies, which are puppets that come to life by the talented staff. You do need a lot of patience while waiting for puppeteers to make their rounds to all of the children anxiously waiting at the barrier for a chance to interact with a puppet.

There is more than enough to do at Jurassic Quest, from dino crafts to movies, coloring and searching for fossils. There are ridable electric Jeeps for children, and rides where you can pick one of five dinosaur species to sit on as it moves and roars. Children seem to love walking around with their face painted like dinosaurs and slash makeup that looks as if they were attacked by one of the creatures. There are also green screen photos that will put your child into a make-believe Jurassic scene.

Jurassic Quest is a traveling tour which means the parent-friendliness changes from place-to-place. Make sure your child wears or brings a pair of socks for the bounce houses and you must also bring your patience because the lines for every attraction can be extremely long. We were extremely tired after standing in lines for two-rides and then pretzels. The lemonade stand looked great but we were too tired from standing in the pretzel line to even think about getting in line again for a drink. Plan your time there well and arrive earlier than later to have an easier time.

Overall Jurassic Quest is a fun time and children love it. We gave it four points because of the overwhelming crowds but children love it. You can find out when Jurassic Quest is coming to a town near you by visiting their website at

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