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Parenting in the Era of Technology – A Blessing or Curse

May 8, 2024

May 8, 2024

You just entered a restaurant and all you see is kids sitting on their table with an iPad. Welcome to parenting in the era of technology. You might take it as an exaggeration but it seems to be a typical day in the US. While I was growing up, technology was not part of our curriculum but fast forward to high school and everything changed. From scribbling notes on paper to laptops and eBooks, things changed for good. 

Therefore, it came as no surprise that the tech generation is now able to use mobile and laptops even before they learn to speak or walk.

Parenting in the era of technology means your child knows how to work electronics at an early age.
Is living in the tech era with children a blessing or a curse?

Parenting In The Age Of Technology

To address this rising trend of using technology for raising kids, most tech experts are taking it negatively. They are not just linking the use of technology with possible mental health issues but also thinking that it will become a precursor of many social problems later. 

While this has raised a lot of eyebrows within the tech circle, it is now promoting a better and safer use of technology. The best thing that has come out of this whole fiasco is the parenting help guides and technology that can help parents raise their kids.

This technology is not just limited to all tech devices but also extends to mobile applications and software that can eventually help with raising the kids, improving their cognitive ability, and keeping them safe. Most of these tech products utilize automation for seamless working. 

Regardless of what you choose in tech, be it a gadget or software, you will be required to have a good internet connection like Xfinity Internet. In case you have any technical issues, Xfinity Customer Service is always open for assistance. 

How Technology Is Helping Young Parents To Raise Their Kids? 

Child safety and monitoring is one of the most basic tasks that you will come across while raising a child. However, this is a very tough and draining task as well. Most parents have a very busy lifestyle so monitoring your child all the time means giving up your independence or quitting your job. 

However, with smart monitoring equipment like a CCTV camera or location app, you can easily see where your child is going. Not only this, you can also baby-proof your home and attach safety locks to your doors, windows, and other places as well. 

Learning and cognitive building is one of the very basic needs of every child. With proper exposure to information, your child can learn faster and better as compared to his peers. While most people say that technology is making people dumb as they do not remember things, experts believe that when you put technology to good use, this will eventually change everything for you. Simple interactive AI tools can easily help you train your child to learn better. 

Moreover, your child can ask questions, and get prompt answers and it will eventually help with learning and improving cognition as well. 

Entertaining the child and keeping them engaged is a very hectic task. While most parents think that handing over a gadget will dumb them down, others believe that with the right applications, you can make entertainment turn into a learning opportunity. 

There are so many open-source entertainment companies like YouTube where independent content creators are working on their innovative ideas for toddlers and kids. These ideas come with an age restriction tag so you can select and monitor what your child should watch. 

The health and well-being of the child are the priorities of every parent. However, it is tricky as well because unlike physical needs you can’t always tell if your child is happy or if all his well-being-related needs are met. Moreover, most of these things require the help of a professional. As a young parent who is not familiar with these needs, you can always switch to medical apps that will help you not just reach out to professionals but also get the same consultancy at a much cheaper rate. 

Calling a doctor is easy with medical health apps but you also need to ensure that your child is physically doing well. One of the best ways to ensure smooth physical development is through exercise and making sure your child stays physically fit. 

To ensure this, there are so many apps that you can use too. These apps are not just good for the development of your child but also you can rely on these apps to know in detail about developmental phases and developmental delay issues. 

Bottom Line 

To sum it all up, technology might seem like something that you do not want in the life of your child but you can put it to good use. With smart home gadgets and some easy applications, your parenting in the era of technology journey can be smooth sailing. 

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