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Family Finance

Unlock your child’s financial future with Junior ISAs. Tax-efficient and growth-oriented, they pave the way for your child’s dreams. Start investing today!

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Dive into five interactive financial games for kids, tailored for Black families, to foster lifelong financial skills in a fun and accessible way.

Teach kids about money through games on successful black parenting magazine

Explore the complex decision of selling antiques for your children’s future. Balance financial planning with sentimental value. Learn effective savings strategies.

Antiques on successful black parenting magazine

The last thing you want is for your child to accumulate a bunch a debt before their lives even get started, college is no exception.

African american parents have serious discussions about how to pay for college

Sharita M. Humphrey teaches Black parents what to prioritize when having a discussion about money but most important have the conversation.

Black parents must learn to have financial literacy discussions with their children to create good money habits
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