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BackTalk – The Talk Show

Why are Black women dying in childbirth and learn about the challenges, solutions, and advocacy needed for safer pregnancies.

A woman in a white coat, dr. Yamicia connor talks about why are black women are dying on backtalk podcast promotional graphic

Discover the truth about Black parents and education. This podcast episode debunks myths and highlights the importance of Black teachers and community support.

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Explore the superwoman schema and its impact on Black women’s mental health. Learn about systemic barriers and solutions from the Successful Black Parenting podcast.

Black women's mental health

In a compelling and timely episode of Successful Black Parenting’s BACKtalk podcast, the host, Janice Robinson-Celeste delves into the troubling issue of unemployment among Black families in the United States with special guest, David Lee. Why can’t Black families find jobs: you will be surprised. The BACKtalk podcast, live-streamed to a large audience, features experts […]

Backtalk live stream and podcast with special guest, david lee and host, janice robinson-celeste discuss the lack of jobs in the black community.

Discover expert insights from Dr. Gregory Vecchi on addressing concerns about active shooters with children. Learn practical tips for parents and communities.

Active shooters discussion on backtalk by successful black parenting

Prepare children for the future by equipping them with coding skills and engaging in hackathons for social change. Explore the importance of innovation and inclusion in shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

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