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It is your job as a parent to protect your child and to keep them safe from COVID at school by any means necessary.

COVID CRISIS – Sending Our Kids To School

This video by the Black Fathers Matter project enforces the statistics that Black fathers are indeed present in their children’s lives.

Black Fathers Matter Project

Black Fathers Matter | VIDEO

Because of COVID-19 Black parents should use this time of restructuring to push for a shift in education.

Why Black Parents Should Push for a Shift in Education During Covid-19

Kevon Chisolm is teaming up with his 13-year old son, Kamari, to launch an online summer camp that teaches African American teens how to invest.

Black Dad and Son Launch Online Investment Camp For Teens

Two Black moms show how they are raising their children outside of the United States for the better and are thriving as a family.

More Black Moms Are Raising Their Children Outside The United States

More Black Moms Raising Their Children Outside The U.S.

Five young descendants of Frederick Douglass read and respond to excerpts of his famous speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

Descendants Read Frederick Douglass' Speech

Descendants Read Frederick Douglass’ Speech: ‘What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?’

Successful Black Parenting is proud to announce that we are bringing our readers more researched-based content written by the members of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) RESilience Initiative, which provides resources to parents and caregivers for promoting the strength, health, and well-being of children and youth of color. We will also feature their members who have contributed articles to Successful Black Parenting on our BackTalk podcast. Learn more about the RESilience Initiative at


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