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We’re On Top! Successful Black Parenting Named One of the Best 10 Black Parenting Blogs

August 16, 2018

August 16, 2018

Successful Black Parenting magazine is honored to have been recognized as one of the Top 10 Black Parenting Blogs by Feedspot, we also ranked #11 in Top Parenting Magazines. We are dedicated to working hard for our readers and subscribers. We appreciate the recognition and we will continue to work hard for you.

The magazine has been around since the 90s. Even as a micro-influencer in the parenting industry, we are proud to be listed as one of the top black parenting blogs. It’s only because of our readers and supporters that we continue to carry on. We know that this publication is necessary and needed. We all need support and we all do better in life with help. That is why we are here. When we are recognized for doing what we love, it makes our work even sweeter. It makes us more determined to keep going.

“I want everyone who visits our website to subscribe because that helps to keep us out there and keeps us going,” says Janice Robinson-Celeste, Publisher of Successful Black Parenting. “I’m motivated to keep this project going as long as the public wants it. But the only way that I know they want it is with feedback in comments, likes, follows, and subscriptions — everything is free to do.” This publication is free online for subscribers but it isn’t free to run. Robinson-Celeste funds almost all of the publication herself with her savings and she spends all of her time dedicated to changing lives, one keystroke at a time. “This is my mission. My calling. I’m giving my all to this. The only thing that I need is time and support and with those things, nothing can stop me,” said Robinson-Celeste.

“We all need support and we all do better in life with help.” – Janice Robinson-Celeste, Publisher

As we make our comeback, we want to thank Feedspot for making us number three on the Best 10 Black Parenting Blogs list. You can look forward to seeing more great things from Successful Black Parenting magazine soon and in the future.

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