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Wall Decals for Kids: Crafting Custom Spaces for Inspired Play

April 17, 2024

April 17, 2024

With so many options, decals, and designs, adding personalized decals can turn your child’s room into their favorite playtime space.

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Fill your child’s room with beautiful decorations, stickers, and wall decor from to help them learn about art and the world while enjoying bright colors.

You can even make decals through fun do-it-yourself (DIY) methods to create a fun, creative, and immersive bonding experience for the whole family. 

Do you want to get popular wall decal ideas and know why they benefit your child? This quick read delves into the world of wall decals and how they bring out the creative genius within your kids.

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The Benefits of Personalized Wall Decals for Kids

Wall decals play a significant role in a child’s growth and development.

As they learn to stand, walk, and discover the world around them, the art and designs they constantly see in their room help them form creative ideas while showing you their artistic tastes.

Children are naturally drawn to bright colors and cute characters. If your child is interested in certain colors or cartoons, placing them on the wall will catch their attention and stimulate their mind.

You can discover your child’s preferences and tastes while getting an opportunity to strengthen their visual learning. Their creativity grows as they learn more about these colors and designs while sparking a feeling of ownership by associating the decals with themselves.

By helping your child personalize their room beyond toys and furniture, their sense of self blossoms, and their personality and hobbies develop.

Children enjoy interacting with these decals, especially creative ones that strengthen their imagination.

Placing wall decorations is also a great bonding activity with your family, as you work together to choose the right wall decals and put them up.

Vinyl Decals vs. Fabric Decals

While shopping for wall decor appropriate for your child’s room, you may come across two common decals: vinyl and fabric (or peel-and-stick.) Though they may look similar, they differ in application and use.

Vinyl and fabric are durable and affordable wall decal materials, plus they are often quick and easy to apply. Both offer a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, benefiting various rooms and tastes.

However, it is essential to note these differences before choosing either vinyl or fabric:

  • Reusability and Removability: Vinyl cannot be removed or repositioned after application, while fabric decals can be removed and repositioned.
  • Toxicity: Depending on the manufacturer, some vinyl decals have toxic materials, while fabric decals are non-toxic.
  • Price: Fabric decals may sometimes be more expensive than vinyl, depending on the size and manufacturer.

Whether you choose vinyl or fabric for your child’s room, either option offers many bright and diverse decal variations.

Popular Wall Decal Ideas

As you search for decal ideas, you will come across hundreds of designs, colors, and options.

While your chosen wall design will depend on your child’s creative interests and aesthetic choices for their room, read up on these popular decal ideas to spark your child’s creative and artistic abilities.

Personalized Wall Decals

Personalized decals are often text-based, showing your child’s name in various font choices and colors. They are often accompanied by their favorite cartoon or movie characters, or drawings of the family.

These decals create a unique, tailored space for your child. As they constantly see their name on the wall, they can better connect that name to themselves, enhancing their personality throughout their childhood.

Personalized decals also encourage creativity. Your child may decide what colors, fonts, and additional designs will best complement their walls.

It helps them think out of the box, find their favorite colors, and discover new design ideas.

They can even add to the decals as their interests change, fostering an artistic atmosphere while encouraging imagination.

Character Wall Decals

Kids love seeing their favorite characters, so placing them on their walls is an excellent, fun idea that brings them joy.

Plus, character wall decals are not limited to cartoons. These character decals can also feature protagonists from your child’s favorite books and movies.

Your child may even choose the design themselves, discovering more creative styles and options than before.

Incorporating these decals helps personalize their room while creating a fun and exciting bonding activity for the whole family.

Animal Wall Decals

Do your kids love animals? They will love animal wall decals!

Like cartoon decals, your child may choose any animal wall design that catches their eye.

Whether they want bright vector-style designs of their favorite animal or more intricate, fully-colored ones, each option improves their imaginative skills.

Kids love seeing animals for various reasons, from liking their cute appearance to feeling connected to them on an emotional level. They become part of their unique personality as they see these wall decals daily.

Abstract Pattern Wall Decals

Abstract patterns do not have a specific design but use various colors and shapes. Seeing abstract pattern wall decals strengthens children’s observation, interpretation, and creativity skills.

They may wonder at these abstract designs, their minds working hard to form an interpretation of them. It adds a colorful and playful touch to their room while helping them develop their pattern recognition skills.

You may even work with them to design the abstract decal or let them design it independently. These artistic exercises will stretch their creative minds and become integral to their growing personality.

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How to Make a DIY Personalized Wall Decal

While shopping for wall decals is fun and convenient, there may be times when you or your child cannot find the right design that suits their tastes. Some wall decals may be costly, especially if you are outfitting larger bedrooms or want more intricate designs.

Fortunately, DIY methods are a popular and creative way to make your wall decal without spending more than necessary. With easy-to-find materials, you can customize your child’s wall decor even more, especially if they join in the design process.

Putting the decals together as a team teaches them skills, like how to:

  • How to work with others
  • Follow instructions
  • Become resourceful
  • Use their imaginative skills to help make creative designs that embody their interests and personalities

You may even customize the decals to add more personality to the room. If your child is more artistically inclined, it may include popular art pieces and vibrant color paint splashes to foster inspiration.

These decals may range from simple texts or monochromatic pictures to larger, intricate, colorful mural-like designs.

However, if you want to save time and costs while simultaneously making your child’s room more creative, simple yet imaginative designs are a great place to start.

Necessary DIY Materials

One of the reasons why DIY is so popular is because of how resourceful you can be. Rather than paying high costs for others to create the design, you can use items within your home to save costs and test your creativity.

These are the materials you will need to make a simple, black and white-wall decal:

  • Clear sticker paper
  • Image or design to print
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Cloth
  • Eraser

Remember to clear a large enough space within the room while applying the decals onto the wall.

DIY Wall Decal: Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have all these materials, follow these steps to properly place wall decals onto your child’s wall:

  • Pick a Design: Sit with your child and look through possible design options based on their interests. Tech-savvy parents can opt to use drawing programs to help them create custom designs to add a more personal touch.
  • Rescale the Decal Design: Choose and duplicate the decal size to create a pattern.
  • Print Onto the Sticker Paper: Print onto a sticker paper fitting the design size after rescaling or creating a pattern. You may need to print multiple copies for larger decals or room sizes.
  • Trim the Image: Use scissors to trim around the decal as closely as possible.
  • Measure and Mark the Surface: Using a ruler and pencil, make a horizontal line to mark where the decal will be placed on the wall. Keep the distances consistent to create a symmetric pattern.
  • Attach the Decals: Put the printed decal onto the wall and remove the backing paper. Hold the decal in place and press it down with your fingers. Smooth the decal down onto the wall using a cloth.
  • Erase the Pencil Marks: Ensure your decal is a few centimeters away from the marked line so you can easily erase it afterward.

Repeat the process if you have printed multiple decals. You may experiment with varying designs and spacings, going as small or large as you want to fully personalize your child’s room.

Whether you buy wall decals online or create them yourself, either option brings a new life and personality to your child’s room, benefiting them as they develop into their core personalities.

Kids will love their newly-decorated rooms and spend more time playing and learning. Not only will their creative and imaginative talents blossom, but it will also allow you to discover their interests alongside them.

With so many options, decals, and designs, adding personalized decals can turn your child’s room into their favorite playtime space.

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