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BOOK CLUB – Celebrating Diversity and Voice: ‘Ruby René Had So Much to Say

April 14, 2024

April 14, 2024

Ruby rené had so much to say book cover for successful black parenting magazine.

Does your child have a knack for talking up a storm, even when it’s not the right time? If so, “Ruby René Had So Much to Say” is the perfect book for them. Written by Ashley Iman, a Black educator and former teacher, this delightful children’s story celebrates the power of expression and finding the right outlet for one’s passions.

Iman, currently serving as the director of a teacher residency program in Washington, DC, draws upon her

Author ashley iman of the book ruby rené had so much to say for successful black parenting magazine.

experience in education to craft a tale that resonates with children who often find themselves in trouble for their enthusiasm. Through the character of Ruby René, Iman offers young readers a relatable role model who learns to navigate the ups and downs of sharing her voice in a way that is both respectful and empowering.


Gladys jose is the brilliant illustrator behind the pages of the children's book, ruby rené has so much to say for successful black parenting magazine.


Illustrated by Gladys Jose, whose vibrant artwork brings the story to life with warmth and whimsy, “Ruby René Had So Much to Say” is a visual feast that captures the essence of childhood curiosity and excitement. With its engaging storyline and expressive illustrations, the book is sure to captivate young readers from start to finish.

At its core, “Ruby René Had So Much to Say” is a celebration of owning one’s voice and embracing one’s passions, even in the face of challenges. Through Ruby René’s journey, children are encouraged to celebrate their own interests and talents, knowing that their voices matter.

So if you have a child who can’t help but share their thoughts and ideas with the world, “Ruby René Had So Much to Say” is the perfect book to remind them that their voice is valuable and deserving of recognition. Pick up a copy today and embark on a journey of empowerment and celebration that will inspire young readers for years to come.


Nurturing A Child Who Talks Too Much

Nurturing a child who talks a lot can sometimes be challenging, both at home and in school settings, where their chatter might be viewed more as a disruption than a strength. However, it’s important to recognize and cultivate this trait, as it often signifies emerging greatness and leadership. Children like Ruby René from the book, who have a lot to say, are showcasing their potential to be influential voices in their communities and beyond. While their incessant talking might occasionally try your patience or lead to disciplinary notes from school, remember that it is often those who spoke out the loudest who have made significant impacts. Leaders like Michelle Obama and Whoopi Goldberg, who have used their voices to advocate for rights and champion change, especially in the Black community, often started as children who were told they talked too much. By encouraging and guiding these vibrant discussions, you’re not just managing a child’s habit; you’re helping nurture a future leader who might stand up for justice and drive societal progress.


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