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5 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Cooking

October 15, 2022

October 15, 2022

It is essential to get your kids interested in cooking to encourage them to actually like cooking. After all, they will not magically develop a passion for food unless you plant the seeds early on. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which you can spark your kid’s interest in culinary arts and ensure that they have a lifelong love of eating good food. Here are five tips on how you can get your kids interested in cooking:

01 outline 01i cndg on successful black parenting magazine Involve Them In The Prep

When your kids are helping with the prep, they are much more likely to be interested in the final product. If they have been involved in mixing ingredients together, they will have a better idea of why they’ve been combined in the first place. It’s, therefore, good to involve your kids with the prep work whenever possible. This could mean asking your kids to wash the vegetables with you in the sink or to cut up some herbs while you chop up others. You could even take the opportunity to teach your kids how to properly use a knife and get them started with basic cutting techniques.

01 outline 02kmzgbw on successful black parenting magazine Keep Tasks Age Appropriate

Keep tasks age-appropriate to help your child feel comfortable and not become overwhelmed. There is a difference between involving your kids and expecting them to do everything. For example, asking a toddler to wash vegetables might not be a good idea, but asking them to stir a pot of sauce might be a good idea. It all depends on the type of cooking you’re doing, the equipment you’re using, and the skill level required.

African american mom gets kids interested in cooking in the kitchen

01 outline 03rsjikq on successful black parenting magazine Let Them Pick The Recipe

Kids usually love to be in control of things, so why not let them pick the next recipe? This is an excellent way to get them involved in the kitchen and see what kind of foods they enjoy. If you don’t have a recipe book, you can always use online resources to find a recipe that your kids will like. Many different recipe sites have age-appropriate recipes to start making with your child, from easy-baked muffins to learning how to make a cheese quesadilla to more complicated meals for older children, such as seared scallops or beef stroganoff.

01 outline 04jwuo7q on successful black parenting magazine Take Them Shopping For The Ingredients

Taking your kids shopping for the ingredients and letting them choose something they like to cook is a great way to get them interested in the process. Not only will they better understand what they’re buying, but they will also likely be more excited about the recipe they’ve picked. This is especially good if your kids are picky eaters because it might make them more open to trying new foods.

01 outline 053s2t5a on successful black parenting magazine Watch Cooking Shows Together

There are plenty of great cooking shows, and they make for excellent family TV time. Having a show that your family enjoys watching together can be a great conversation starter in the kitchen. You can talk about what you’re watching and get your kids to participate in the discussion. Additionally, you can use the show as a way to learn more about the cooking techniques being used.

Getting your kids interested in cooking from a young age is a great idea. Not only does it teach them a valuable skill, but it also gives them a sense of accomplishment. Cooking is a skill that can be enjoyed forever, and it’s something that will last a person a lifetime. It’s a skill that is both useful and interesting, and it’s something that everyone can benefit from knowing how to do.

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