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Preparing For The First Day Of Kindergarten

February 11, 2022

February 11, 2022

Kindergarten is a significant step for both parents and kids and it’s almost time to start registering children for school in the fall. In most places, if your child will be five-years-old before the start of school, they are eligible for kindergarten. Starting kindergarten is exciting, it’s frightening, and it’s really emotional sending your baby off to the ‘big school’. We have a few tips to help you both get ready for kindergarten.

Many children go straight from preschool to kindergarten or from their home environment into a kindergarten classroom. Both scenarios are a major transition for you and for your child. Getting ready for kindergarten is supposed to be a big change but for some parents, this might entail switching classrooms as well as schools. Your child might be apprehensive about being in a new environment and this is typical. These changes, while usually joyful, can also cause concern for many parents. Let’s look at some ways to help you to relieve your anxiety and assist your child with adapting to their new environment.

Plan A Visit

Taking your child to the new school or classroom will help him/her prepare for kindergarten. Visit the kitchen, gym, playground, bathrooms, and other spaces in the school. Meet your child’s new kindergarten teacher. Try to attend any open house events at the school and attend the orientation. If you cannot go to these events, try to schedule your school visit. If a visit isn’t feasible, a family or neighbor with a child in the same school may be able to assist.

Keep Up With School News

Your child’s kindergarten journey may be less individualized than your child’s daycare experience. In some cases, you will have to represent your child. Read everything the school sends home. Occasionally visit the school and the kindergarten class if your job allows it. Getting to know the school secretary, nurse, principal, etc., can help prepare your child for kindergarten.

Create Bedtime Rituals

A month before school starts, create a bedtime routine with a scheduled bedtime to aid the kindergarten transition. For instance, during the summer, gradually return to the child’s scheduled bedtime before kindergarten begins. Enlighten your child on the importance of preparing for school and getting enough rest.

Form A Morning Routine

Do a “test run” of the new daily schedule, such as walking to the bus stop, driving to the new school, or walking together to the new classroom. Remember that getting ready for school always takes longer than planned, anything that can go wrong will, like having to run back to the house for the child’s lunch you forgot to grab.

Make Time For Breakfast

Some schools do not serve breakfast to kindergarteners but having a good breakfast before school is essential. Be sure to adjust your morning routine to allow enough time for your child to have a good breakfast.

Plan Your Lunch

If your child has to bring lunch to school, “practice” preparing their meal so you’ll know how much extra time you’ll need and what lunchtime and snack foods you’ll require. If you will purchase school lunch for your child, find out the cost and practice counting lunch money together.

Schedule Homework Time

Schedule homework time at the same time and place every evening. Create a homework area where your child can do kindergarten worksheets, school papers, and maintain school supplies. For example, somewhere in the kitchen or dining room are good locations where you can keep an eye on them and be close by for assistance. Plan an after-school or overnight routine that incorporates homework, play, and time for your child to relax.

Talk To Your Child’s New Teacher

Allow yourself and your children time to form a bond with their new teacher once school starts. This crucial step takes time. In some circumstances, a period of grief occurs for the child after leaving their preschool teacher. The new teacher may be doing things differently than the previous one. Allow time for you, your child, and the new teacher to acclimate to a new style. This time also enables you to speak to your teacher about things such as autism therapy, educational plans, and more.

These tips should help you get your child ready for their first day of kindergarten. Do you have any other tips that might assist other parents? Please share a few in the comments below.

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