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Best Activities to Do with Kids During Winter

December 13, 2021

December 13, 2021

It’s that time of the year where the weather is getting chilly, and we’re getting ready to bundle up in our blankets with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands. Winter can get pretty gloomy sometimes when you don’t have anything fun planned for the family. When it’s too cold, the kids may feel discouraged to do anything. However, there’s a lot of fun things to do in the winter with the kids, but choosing the best one may be challenging. Fret not because we’re here to compile the best winter activities you can do with your kids.

Christmas Movies Marathon

Winter can never be complete without a Christmas Movie Marathon with the whole family. Organize a family movie night with the greatest Christmas films ever made. Make some popcorn and hot chocolate for the kids to enjoy while bundling up in front of the TV. You can also be creative, make cute movie tickets for the kids, and decorate the TV area to look like the cinema. If you struggle with streaming TV shows, then look into high-speed, cheap internet plans.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a lot of fun in the winter, especially at an ice arena. There’s something spectacular about skating when it’s chilly out. A lot of rinks offer skate rentals to children as young as two, as well as, guides or rails for little children to grasp onto. It is recommended that your child wears a protective helmet and extra-thick gloves to protect their heads and hands.

Make Christmas Cookies

Christmas and winter will never be complete without Christmas cookies. Get your little bakers into the kitchen to help with baking or decorating. It doesn’t have to be complicated because it’s the fun and effort that counts. Try finding simple cookie recipes that you can bake using an air fryer. Baking using air fryers isn’t any different than baking in the oven. The cookies still retain their crunchiness and flavor, so get your air fryers ready and start baking!

Make Snow Castles

We’ve always heard of sandcastles, but let’s change it up a bit and make it with snow this time. Throw a competition to see who is the best at making the prettiest snow castles and who can make it the fastest. You can use the same molds that you use to make sandcastles at the beach to dig and shape the snow. Other than that, you can also use gardening tools like trowels, buckets, shovels, and pots to create your snow castle!

Create Snow Monsters

Instead of making the usual snowmen in the snow, why not make monsters instead! They’re more entertaining than your average snowman, and they’re even simpler to make. Put on your winter gear, build enormous heaps of snow right before nightfall, and get a handful of light sticks from the nearby store. Poke two holes to make the monster’s eyes and insert the glowing light stick in each eye hole. Fill up the hole slightly with snow so that its flashing eyes can be seen.

Blow Bubbles and Watch it Freeze

Go out and blow some bubbles when it’s freezing outside. Blowing a bubble and seeing it transform to frost is an enthralling experience. It is also an exciting science experiment that the kids can do in the cold weather. It may take a lot of attempts to freeze because it depends on the type of solution used, the time, and the sunlight. It may take a long time to create. Before playing, be sure they’re wearing the appropriate gear.

Paint On the Snow

Make the snow your special canvas and paint on it by getting some unused squirt bottles and filling them with water. Then add a few drops of food coloring and shake well. You can modify the nozzle flows according to your preference.

If you want to draw some lines, adjust it to be tighter. However, if you wish to color a lot of space, adjust it to be broader. Let their creativity flow and paint freely by teaching your children how to play tic-tac-toe or hopscotch in the snow. They also can use the paint to decorate their snow monsters or color snowballs for snowball battles.

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