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10 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2021

April 22, 2021

In the past and even now in the present, there are African people who live off of the land and highly respect mother Earth. When hunting, certain cultures will use everything from the pelts of animals, to the meat that feed the villagers. Even gourds are utilized as tools and instruments. Our people cooperate with nature and it is necessary that we also respect the planet.


Today is Earth Day

Earth Day is more important than ever. We have a lot of work to do to make things better for our children.

Teaching children to respect the environment and to care for it starts young, but it’s never too late. Earth Day is the perfect day to promote caring for the environment with your children.


    1. If you don’t recycle, start today. Purchase a recycling can or get one from your local waste management department. Many cities and counties will give you these bins for free. Talk about what items are recyclable.
    2. Start a garden. If you live in the city and have limited space, create a garden in pots or at a community garden. Children should experience and know how food grows.
    3. Volunteer to cleanup a section of your neighborhood with your children or host a neighborhood clean-up and get sponsors.
    4. Make a bird feeder out of a milk jug. Cut a window out of a plastic gallon container and thread a piece of string through the handle. Fill with bird seed and hang. You’ve helped the birds and recycled a container.
    5. Recycle your clothes by giving them to a donation center.
    6. Visit a park, even better a national park.
    7. Use a recyclable water bottle like the one below.
    8. Have a contest to see who creates the least amount of trash in the house.
    9. Have a picnic in the park or backyard with your children.
    10. Seek out unique leaves, then press them with an iron between two-pieces of wax paper, label and hang them up in a window.


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