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5 Kid-Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

February 4, 2021

February 4, 2021

The decor of your living room is a reflection of your taste and lifestyle, so you will want to give it your best shot. But things change if you have toddlers or kids around. There’s a lot you need to bear in mind while you design the area because little ones often create a mess and even hurt themselves. These are the factors you will have to consider while decorating the space. But you can still have a beautiful living space while making it kid-friendly. Here are some living room decor ideas that work for homes with little ones around.

Open up the floor plan

With little people scrawling and scampering around, space always seems short. You will not want them to bump into furniture pieces and hurt themselves. It makes sense to open up the floor plan by decluttering your living room when your toddler starts moving around and exploring places. Cover the floor with a thick rug, and you will make the place safer for the child.

Settle for safe furniture pieces

It is also a good idea to consider a furniture makeover to make your living room kid-friendly. Steer clear of sharp-edged pieces because they can injure a young child. Settle for ones with rounded edges, while cushioned pieces will be even better. Go minimalistic with furniture and pick smaller sizes, which will support the open floor-plan idea. Kids love comfy pieces for themselves, so invest in a couple of small chairs for them.

Switch to a child-friendly electric heater

A fireplace is an essential element of living room decor because it makes the place look warm and welcoming in winter. But a traditional one may not be the safest when children are around. The smoke and fumes are a reason to worry, while you have to be careful about the flame as well. Upgrading to a white corner electric fireplace is a good idea as it offers the perfect mix of aesthetics, comfort, and safety. As long as the child stays at a safe distance, it is the best decor option you can have.

Display kid-art

When you have children in the house, there is a lot you will want to flaunt. You may create an accent wall and decorate it with their photographs. If your child is old enough to create artwork, use the wall to show off their creations. There is a lot of scope for families to get creative with kid-art, so go ahead and try new ideas with the tiny art pieces the little ones come up with.

Create a cozy nook for play

Another excellent decor idea for your living room is to create a cozy nook where kids can have fun during playtime. Pick a safe corner with ample space, cover the floor with a soft rug and have some comfy cushions around. You can even paint a bright accent wall to create a playful ambiance for the play area. When friends are here with their little ones, the whole gang can have a good time while adults enjoy their party.

Creating a kid-friendly living room doesn’t take a lot of work and investment. Just think creative, and you can come with a decor that is safe, practical, and good-looking.


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