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How to Keep Your Aging Parents Healthy and Well

August 12, 2020

August 12, 2020

As your parents grow older, their need for close care will intensify. You need to offer care and attention to help them overcome such common issues as isolation, loneliness, boredom, and even health problems.

Such issues might also be compounded with mobility issues. As such, you should consider the steps to take to care for them even though you may have caregiver help. Let us look at some ways to stay closer to your aging parents and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Assess The Needs Of Your Parents

Caring for your aging parents might feel overwhelming, especially if you do not know their needs. Find out how much they need within the following areas, for example:

  • Family support
  • Home safety
  • Medical needs
  • Cognitive health
  • Food preparation
  • Personal hygiene

Note everything down in a caregiving notebook to easily track their needs and figure out the services that are needed. For example, your parents might have breathing problems, and they could require inhalers and extra care. You should ensure that there are enough inhalers in their home. In a nutshell, try to organize the best ways to handle their medical and routine care to help them stay healthy as they grow older. If you have a caregiver for elderly relatives, then be sure to keep in regular contact and check in and see if there are extra things you can do to help.

Maintain Frequent Contact

It would help if you communicate with your parents often. Technology has made it possible for you to speak to them and see their faces while physically away. For example, you could use Facetime, Skype, or even Zoom to video call them.

If your schedule is crammed, you may set aside time just to call them. For example, you can call them in the morning before going to work or after work hours. Constantly checking up on your parents ensures that you are up to speed with their progress, plus it is a good way to grow your bond while you are away. You also get real-time feedback on their needs.

Visit Your Parents Regularly

Even though there should be constant video calls, your aging parents still need in-person visits. Checking up on them periodically is crucial, especially if they are in an assisted living facility. You expect that they will receive full care in an assisted facility, but they still need your attention. COVID-19 can complicate visitations. Be sure to maintain social distance guidelines, wear a mask, are free of symptoms, and call before you go in person to the assisted living facility.

There are rising cases of neglect escalating to complications and even death in assisted living facilities. Your parents might get an injury in an assisted living facility that could have been prevented. With that in mind, check on them to ensure that they are not victims of common issues associated with assisted living facilities.

If you find any form of abuse, swiftly report it to the authorities and speak to an attorney that helps the elderly. They will guide you in filing assisted living injury lawsuits to get justice for your aging parents. They will also help you in securing the transfer of your parents to safer assisted living facilities.

Take Care Of Safety Basics At Home

Ensure that you eliminate all safety hazards at home that might contribute to tripping, falling, or other incidents that might hurt your parents. Preventing accidents will help your parents stay independent as long as possible. You can help them stay healthy by:

  • Clearing all the clutter from the floors
  • Installing bright light in their rooms
  • Making sure their appliances are effective and easily accessible

Wrap up

As your parents grow older, they will certainly need extra care. You might be busy, but it is still imperative to find time to take good care of your parents. Don’t leave them feeling lonely, even if they are in an assisted living facility. Always keep in touch, visit frequently, and find out how they are faring. Be aware of abuse in assisted living facilities. Be wary of assisted living accidents and take swift action should you suspect any form of abuse.

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