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Compression Socks During Pregnancy – Why And How?

July 22, 2020

July 22, 2020

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Pregnancy is surely good news but it often brings its share of woes for would-be mommies. One of the common problems women come across is leg cramps, which may be accompanied by edema, a condition characterized by swollen and aching feet. A majority of moms-to-be develop this symptom at some point, though it often happens during the seventh month. Unless swelling in your feet is accompanied by high blood pressure, there isn’t a reason to worry. But you must watch out for varicose veins in your legs. If you experience swelling and varicose veins in addition to the swelling, investing in a pair of maternity compression socks makes sense. Let us explain why you need them and how you should choose and use them.

Why compression socks during pregnancy?

Pregnancy leads to an increase in bodily fluids, which can cause edema and varicose veins. Moreover, the expanding uterus also exerts pressure on pelvic veins and the vena cava. There are chances of fluid accumulating in your tissues and blood pooling in the lower body, visible as swelling and varicose veins. Compression stockings can help by massaging the muscles and resulting in blood to move upwards, thus relieving swelling and cramping in the lower extremities. Another concern that they can resolve for pregnant women is deep vein thrombosis or DVT, which can cause life-threatening complications if not treated. If you are at high risk of developing the condition, your gynecologist will probably recommend compression socks for you.

How to choose compression socks for pregnancy?

Your doctor may recommend wearing compression stockings or you may want to wear them as a precautionary measure. Whatever the case may be, it makes sense to choose the best compression socks because you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to having a safe pregnancy. There are certain factors to bear in mind while choosing them. Essentially, the fit should be snug, but not uncomfortably tight and they should also feel firm enough to provide adequate support. Though over-the-counter pairs are regarded as safe for most women, you may seek advice from the gynecologist if you want to wear ones with stronger compression levels. There are also variants with graduated compression, stronger at the feet, and relaxed up the calf length. These pairs are more comfortable for all-day wear. There are also variants in lengths you can pick according to your preference, starting from short ones to those which reach up to the knee.

How to wear compression socks during pregnancy?

After buying compression socks, you would also want to know about using them during pregnancy. Ideally, you should have them on right at the start of the day. They are more effective at staving off swelling rather than reversing it. Moreover, it gets harder to wear them later during the day because your feet and legs are likely to be already swollen. It is recommended to wear them while walking, standing or sitting, as long as you feel comfortable. However, you can take them off at bedtime because your feet and legs will be straight, at the same level as your body.

Compression socks are a good investment for pregnant women because they can prevent painful leg cramps and more serious varicose veins as well. Just check with your doctor and start wearing them for a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

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